Enabling Integrated Digital Curriculum and Data for Personalized Learning

IMS Global Interoperability Standards are the Foundation for the Next Generation Digital Learning Infrastructure

K-12 Playbook

K-12 Playbook

IMS Global, under the leadership of our K-12 Institutional Leadership Board and member districts, has been helping districts implement IMS Interoperability standards that yield the following benefits:
  • Personalized learning as the “new normal”: Enable personalized assignment by the teacher or adaptive release to students of appropriate curriculum resources based on need
  • Standards and competency focused curriculum: Organize instructional and professional development resources according to learning standards or objectives
  • Actionable data across diverse tools from multiple suppliers: Provide ongoing and rapid assessment data to teachers, students and parents, indicating areas needing improvement
  • Easily utilize remediation resources from multiple suppliers: Enable rapid linking of areas needing improvement to professional development resources and additional curriculum resources
  • Seamless connectivity between teaching and learning platforms and publisher/application provider systems: Significantly reduce the time and money it takes to integrate third-party systems into the district eco-system

Single Sign On, rostering, and access to digital resources through integrations such as Thin Common Cartridge are not just IT areas of concern. These are core areas that have instructional impact when they are not implemented consistently with standards. That is why I am happy so many publishers have worked with IMS Global on the plug and play edtech revolution.

Maurice Draggon

Maurice Draggon

Director, Curriculum, Instruction and Digital Learning, Orange County Public Schools

Our implementation of IMS Global standards is reducing the work load for our teachers and providing them a more simplified ecosystem for teaching and learning. Our teachers feel the impact of the standards every day. They help teachers focus on their students on not on managing applications.

Rob Stratton

Rob Stratton

Coordinator for Instructional Materials, Media and Instructional Technology, Lee County Public Schools

See How IMS Standards Advance Personalized Learning

Learn About IMS Global Learning Consortium Standards for K-12


IMS Standards

IMS interoperability standards are the foundation for the next generation digital learning infrastructure.

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The OneRoster® standard enables districts to provision all publisher/application systems with a single format.

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K-12 Playbook:
Resources to Help Districts Transition to a Fully Integrated Digital Ecosystem

The K-12 Playbook is an easy-to-use reference and resource center for K-12 administration, digital curriculum teams, and IT leaders who are working towards a fully integrated digital ecosystem to enable student-centered learning. Created by IMS Global K-12 members, these resources are designed to help districts of all sizes shorten the learning curve around the adoption of IMS interoperability standards to create a plug and play integrated teaching and learning ecosystem.





K-12 Webinar Series

In partnership with CoSN and the Learning Counsel, IMS Global is proud to host an ongoing webinar series to share how districts are evolving toward student-centered learning based on open, plug-and-play technologies and integrated curriculum architecture.




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Getting Started

Case studies, articles, videos and much more to help districts of all sizes begin to transition to a fully integrated digital teaching and learning ecosystem.


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Leadership & Collaboration

Collaboration among IMS Global members is the catalyst to accelerating adoption of a plug and play digital learning ecosystem. Learn more about how districts are leading the revolution and how to join the collaboration to help create the future of education




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Procurement Resources

Ensuring that your educational technology tools are IMS Certified is the best way to establish a plug and play ecosystem. IMS Global has developed RFP language and checklists that districts can use when procuring digital platforms, apps and tools.



Call to Action


A Call to Action for K-12 Institutions

Districts of all sizes can begin to put in place an open integrated digital curriculum solution that will help lower costs and maximize the efficiency of student-centered digital learning environments.

Join the growing list of school districts taking action to create a trusted plug-and-play edtech ecosystem by expecting their technology suppliers to adopt IMS Global standards and obtain IMS Global conformance certification to support student-centered learning.

Learn more about the K-12 District Leaders Call to Action


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