Interactive Whiteboard / Common File Format (IWB/CFF) Alliance

The Interactive Whiteboard / Common File Format (IWB/CFF) Alliance has been formed to support Interactive Whiteboard suppliers and IWB authoring products and content publishers that wish to implement and conform to a Common File Format that represents the information displayed on Interactive White Boards.  The initial work on the Common File Format was done in 2009 by Becta in the UK. 

IMS members are supporting the needs of IWB users by providing the resources for an IWB/CFF workgroup. Initially, the workgroup will make (the smallest possible set of) modifications to the Becta CFF to ensure that a high degree of interoperability can be achieved across market leading products. The workgroup features a collaborative process of technical interchange and interoperability testing.  Files based on the resulting work can be opened, edited, saved and used across many whiteboard applications with a high degree of interoperability. To this goal, the format will be simple but extensible in ways that will ensure compatibility.  

The workgroup is also creating an online validator to enable IWB suppliers and users to test their files for conformance to the specification.  The group is also creating a set of test scenarios to support conformance testing of IWB platforms. 

As the CFF achieves greater use in the marketplace, the IMS IWB/CFF workgroup will look at evolving the CFF to a content format that can achieve interoperability across a wide range of online (such as learning management systems), mobile, and classroom learning platforms. This work will look at leveraging existing IMS standards such as Common Cartridge, Learning Tools Interoperability, Question & Test Interoperability (including the Accessible Portable Item Protocol - APIP).

Support the development of and confidence in the IWB marketplace worldwide by supporting this important work! Suppliers should join the IWB/CFF Alliance to receive support achieving conformance certification for the CFF.  By joining the Alliance your organization benefits from a collaborative and sustainable development community. The Alliance provides support for implementation, sharing of resources for interoperability testing (such as hosting test systems from major suppliers), achieving conformance certification, and resolving interoperability issues that may occur as customers make use of the CFF.  The Alliance members participate in and are kept up to date on the ongoing evolution of the CFF and the requirements for conformance. 


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To inquire about the IWB/CFF workgroup or IWB/CFF Alliance, contact us.