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The Extended Transcript (eT) standard supports a new generation of secure verifiable digital academic and non-traditional transcripts for learners, containing a variety of learning experiences including courses, competencies, skills, co-curricular achievements, internships and experiencial learning - and more.


Extended Transcripts are part of the family of IMS standards for digital credentials. The others, Competencies & Academic Standards Exchange™ (CASE) and Open Badges are compatible with Extended Transcripts.


Personal, Portable Credentials

The flexible yet sophisticated eT data design supports formal and informal learning from K-20 and into employment, in a web-ready linked-data document.  


Viewing Extended Transcripts

Applications that support eT can visually render the underlying data in the form that best meets their learner's needs. The example below is one user experience, yours can be totally unique while still using the eT as its data foundation.


Example: University of Maryland University College pilot

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Sample Extended Transcript



See the Extended Transcript in Action

While the eT standard defines the technical format for capturing a learner’s verified achievements in a securable online document, the visual design of the eT is determined by each issuing organization. Issuing organizations are encouraged to make their eT design unique and an extension of their brand. The eT format enables learners to share their achievements online and across the web.

IMS member Learning Objects has contributed a general purpose eT viewer that can be used to display the content of any compliant eT record. Take a look at sample Extended Transcripts through the IMS eT Viewer!   



eT Data Model

The eT data model is flexible and supports many types of records and relationships. Its support for JSON-LD ensures that Extended Transcripts are highly compatible with the structured data ecosystem of digital credentials.


Extended Transcript Logical Model

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Extended Transcript Record Types Model

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  • How to get your eT product IMS certified (coming soon)


Are Your Products IMS Global certified?

IMS Global has testing programs that enable products to be certified compliant with specific standards and features of the standards. For technology suppliers, participation in the IMS Global certification process is the fastest and most cost-effective way to achieve product integrations. For institutions, ensuring that your educational technology tools are IMS Global certified is the best way to establish a plug-and-play ecosystem, allowing your tools and content to work together seamlessly, giving you more choice, and reducing your total cost of ownership. IMS Global members have access to expert support to implement the standards prior to completing conformance certification. Learn more to begin taking advantage of the benefits of certification

A comprehensive digital learner record that supports competency-based education, co-curricular and extra-curricular skills and achievements, employer-based learning, and other learning experiences in a verifiable, portable, and interoperable format.

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