Question and Test Interoperability/Accessible Portable Item Protocol Question and Test Interoperability/Accessible Portable Item Protocol

Question and Test Interoperability and Accessible Portable Item Protocol Background

IMS Global has developed two tightly connected standards that the assessment community worldwide is using to improve learning. The first is QTI® (Question and Test Interoperability®) and the second is APIP® (Accessible Portable Item Protocol®). QTI enables the interoperability of assessment items and tests. The latest version is v2.2. A subset or profile of an older version of QTI, v1.2, is used in Common Cartridge®, which is a format for importing and exporting content into/out of learning platforms. APIP v1.0 adds accessibility support to the QTI model to enable electronic delivery of assessment to students with a variety presentation needs and preferences.

QTI and APIP benefit suppliers and end users equally with cost savings of money, time, implementation and integration efforts all supporting the move from paper-based assessment to the future of digital assessments. These standards can be used for simple quizzes, formative assessments, or high-stakes/summative assessment.

A diagram illustrating some of the benefits of QTI from the end user and supplier points of views

QTI and APIP touch a variety of systems in a typical assessment eco-system enabling the exchange of question items, tests, and results data between authoring tools, item banks, test construction tools, learning environments, and assessment delivery systems, and scoring adminstrative systems.

Diagram showing the systems that could benefit from interoperable accessible assessment content like QTI/APIP.

The assessment industry is an active and vibrant community working together to enhance interoperability so test content and data can be better exchanged between assessment systems and different suppliers without loss of fidelity. Dedicated leaders from the supplier side and end user organizations and institutions have formed the Executive Board on Assessment (EBA) to help set the assessment industry direction for years to come.

The EBA is currently directing the efforts of the assessment activities in IMS to improve the IMS conformance certification process and to establish exact interoperability. It is also leading the development of the next version of the standard that brings together QTI and APIP into a new specification called QTI v3.

Resources available

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