Application and Policy Briefs

Application and Policy Briefs


IMS Global Application and Policy Briefs provide real-world guidance to users on how to solve problems faced within the K-20 educational enterprise. From product procurement advice to briefs explaining major issues faced by school districts and institutions, look for the Application and Policy Briefs to address the important priorties and requirements needed to improve education for the benefit all learners.



Number Date Title Description
APB4-042014 April 2014 IMS Learning Tools Interoperability™ (LTI) / Common Cartridge and Roster Processing Best Practices The document examines a number of pain points currently experienced by District and School Management as it relates to the integration of content providers with District and School systems and offers various scenarios that can facilitate that integration.

April 2013

March 2015

Open-Standards Requirements for Assessment Content and Systems

This brief provides explicit guidance for ensuring that requests for proposals for assessment content and delivery platforms that support accessibility accommodations address the use of open standards.
APB2-022013 February 2013

Efficient and Descriptive Learning Object Metadata: An Essential Component of K12 Instructional Reform

This brief paper addresses standardization of a Learning Object metadata vocabulary and federated search processes consistent with the instructional requirements of the Common Core.
APB1-022013 February 2013 Open-Standards Requirements for Digital Content and Application Integration with Enterprise Learning Platforms This brief provides explicit guidance for ensuring that requests for proposals for learning content or platform products address the use of open standards.