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Conformance Details

Product Name Registration Number
SoftChalk v7.01.04 IMSA2AB2AC2sk2011W1
Company SoftChalk
Product Name SoftChalk v7.01.04 IMS Certified
Common Cartridge v1p0
CCv1p0Status CC v1.0 Compliant
CCv1p0 Export Yes
CC v1p0 Authorization
CCv1p0 Conformance Date 17 November 2011
CCv1p0Type Question

Common Cartridge v1p1
CCv1p1Status CC v1.1 Compliant
CCv1p1Export Yes
CCv1p1ConformanceDate 17 November 2011
CCv1p1Type Question Write
Common Cartridge v1p2
CCv1p2Status CC v1.2 Compliant
CCv1p2Export Yes
*Note: If the word "exception" appears in one of the categories, that means that the product does not support that feature. More Info
CC v1p2 Exception Table
Roles MetadataException
Basic LTIException
Web Content - Intended UseException
Question Types- Multiple Choice/ Multiple Response
Question Types- Essay
Question Types- Pattern MatchException
Discussion Forum
Curriculum Standards
CCv1p2ConformanceDate 17 November 2011
CCv1p2TypeQuestion Write Tool
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