AContent v1.2

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AContent v1.2IMSA2as2011W1
Common Cartridge
Common Cartridge Types
Cartridges - These are cartridges containing content.
Read Tools - These are tools which read in cartridges.
Write Tools - These are tools which export or create cartridges.
Read/Write Tools - These are tools which both read cartridges and export cartridges. They are tools which are capable of both importing and exporting cartridges, where the cartridge imported will be the same as the cartridge exported.
Runners - These are tools which allow you to import and play common cartridges.

*Note: If the word "exception" appears in one of the categories, that means that the product does not support that feature. More Info
Common Cartridge v1.0
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Wednesday, October 12, 2011
Common Cartridge

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