IMS Conformance Program

The IMS Application Profile Guidelines define a process for taking one or more source specifications and refining these to create a tighter and more cohesive specification (i.e. the profile) that meets the requirements of a specific target community. Crucially, a well defined profile should be precise about what must be supported, thus offering implementers a clear and unambiguous target for them to achieve conformance.

The IMS approach to profiling has been encoded in the IMS SchemaProf Tool, which now forms an integral component for working with the IMS specifications. The SchemaProf tool produces a set of derived schemas which define the profile, along with additional constraints and rules (expressed in schematron) which implementations must observe.

With precise, machine readable definitions of these profiles available, it is now possible to offer conformance testing against these profiles. The Common Cartridge & Learning Tools Interoperability™ Alliance distributes the tests for Common Cartridge and other profiles relating to the content and assessment data specifications (i.e. Content Packaging, Question & Test Interoperability). Members of the alliance who’s products pass testing are able to apply a conformance mark to their products.

Profile Registry

Anyone can use the SchemaProf Tool to create a candidate profile of one or more IMS specifications. To encourage broader adoption and usage, these candidate profiles can be submitted to the IMS Profile Registry where they can be shared with the community under a royalty-free license. Profiles which gain widespread adoption and so drive greater interoperability, may be selected to become accredited profiles, in which case conformance tests and a conformance mark will be offered to aid implementers and give recognition to those who achieve conformance.

Conformance Mark


IMS CertifiedThose products which have passed conformance tests and received IMS issued registration numbers are eligible to display the IMS Certified Logo. Visit the current registrations page to determine the exact certification.

Conformance tests are available for: Common Cartridge, Learning Tools Interoperability, Learning Information Services, and Interactive White Board/ Common File Format.



Available Products

You can see the current status of implementations and conformance online at the IMS Conformance Chart.