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LIS - the information architecture for learningThe Information Architecture for Learning

The aim of the Learning Information Services (LIS) specification is to enable learning application interoperability. The key objectives are to enable the management and manipulation of:

  • Information about People - to provide data exchange about people who are participating in learning;
  • The enrolment of People on Courses - to control the exchange of information for people attending courses;
  • Organizational structures - to control the exchange of information for people attending courses;
  • Course structure information - to provide data exchange for information about taught courses;
  • Grade-book information - to provide data exchange for outcomes information;
  • Batch processing - to provide initialization and synchronization transfer of very large amounts of data.


Overview of Learning Information Services




Learnng Information Services Alliance Activities and Resources

The Learning Information Services Alliance has been created as a high value community for product and service developers wanting to be compliant with LIS.


Learning Information Services Specification Download the v2.0 Internal and Public Draft specifications.

Learning Information Services Resources– Offers tools to both implementers and users in adopting the LIS specification.

Learning Information Services Alliance Forum -This is one of the primary interaction points between IMS staff and the IMS member community. Covered in these forums are topics that include support for Learning Information Services and conformance.

Members of the LIS Alliance will have early access to the K12 SIS Open Rosters Standard as well as the ability to apply for conformance certification to the standard.


Benefits of Learnng Information Services Alliance Membership

  • Attendance at testfest events.
  • LIS news updates and discussion forum.
  • Listing of support on IMS GLC web site.
  • Use of LIS Alliance logo on web and in literature.
  • Notifications of new tools.
  • Opportunity to participate in LIS Alliance presence at conferences and exhibitions.