Digital Learning Services Standards: Enabling the Next Generation of Digital Learning and Education

Digital Learning Services consists of three major standards that support a new generation of learning technology. The standards are:

  1. Common Cartridge (CC) which allows for the distribution of digital learning content, assessments, in a collaborative learning context
  2. Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI)™ which allows for the integration of tools into Learning applications with single sign-on.
  3. Learning Information Services (LIS) which allows for user provisioning and outcomes.


To learn more about these three standards, there are many videos which show the standards in use. These videos provides screen shots of real products utilizing the standards.

LearningOn LRMS by SK C&C - This Learning Resources Management System uses Common Cartridge and Learning Tools Interoperability to create and import educational content, as well as, include 3rd party tools and websites into the system.

Blackboard Learn and Oracle Peoplesoft - This video shows how IMS Learning Information Services facilitates the integration of these systems in adding, changing and deleting enrollments.

Common Cartridge Implementation at Louisiana Community & Technical College System (LCTCS)- See how Pearson Common Cartridges can be imported and viewed in four different Learning Management Systems, Desire2Learn, Blackboard, Angel and Moodle.



CourseSmart using Learning Tools Interoperability - This video highlights how CourseSmart is integrated into Blackboard Learn using Learning Tools Interoperability - See video


An Instructor's View of Learning Tools Interoperability - See how an instructor may use LTI to integrate a learning tool into an LMS

SoftChalk, Achievement Standards Network and Common Cartridge v1.2 - See how SoftChalk uses curriculum standards from the Achievement Standards Network to create Common Cartridges in version 1.2 format. using IMS Common Cartridge and IMS Learning Tools Interoperability - See how runs as a tool in Blackboard 9


Introduction to Learning Information Services
Get an introduction to Learning Information Services with Psydev,Ltd. and Oracle.


The following video segments provide an overview of the IMS Digital Learning Services (DLS) standards, including demonstrations of prototypes (or access the complete video below):


1. Quicklook – Summary diagram of Digital Learning Services (:19)
2. Learning, education & web 2.0: enabling the next generation (2:45)
3. Limitations on innovation addressed by the Digital Learning Services (DLS) standards (1:50)
4. What are the three cooperating Digital Learning Services standards? (2:35)
5. DLS part 1- Common Cartridge (CC): Enabling distributed educational content (6:51) Featuring ANGEL Learning, Pearson Education, The Open University (UK),
6. DLS part 2- Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI): Enabling content and software as a service in an integrated context (8:47) Featuring ANGEL Learning, Pearson Education, and Microsoft
7. Additional Common Cartridge features: Integrated assessment and collaborative learning (3:44) Featuring ANGEL Learning and Pearson Education
8. Additional Common Cartridge features: Content authorization and archiving (1:35)
9. DLS part 3- Learning Information Services (LIS): Enabling user provisioning and outcomes reporting (2:27) Featuring Inigral and Oracle
10. The authoritative source on DLS conformance: The IMS Learning & Educational Technology Product Directory (2:49)
11. Digital Learning Connection (DLC): Increasing the use of digital learning in your institution or district by making it easy (4:05) Featuring ANGEL Learning and McGraw-Hill
12. Getting involved (:49)
The complete video: Digital Learning Services Standards: Enabling the Next Generation of Digital Learning and Education (36:27)