IMS Europe 2020 Online Summit: Awards

Congratulations to the 2020 IMS Europe Lightning Talk Winners!


IMS OneRoster Certification as a Door-Opener to the European EdTech Market (by Vigilo)

Presented by Frode Utvik, Systems Integration Manager at Vigilo

View the Session Recording Here

Vigilo is a Norwegian SIS-vendor for schools, after-school, and kindergartens. Frode talked about why and how we use APIs to provide SIS-data from Vigilo to various data consumers within the digital learning ecosystem. He demonstrated how an IMS OneRoster API-based integration via few clicks supports a seamless and automated flow of rostering data from SIS to LMS and how this directly impacts students and teachers in the digital classroom.

Jury report: This is an example where new and existing systems have integrated rapidly with the help of the right specification. This is addressing real problems that impacted both students and teachers. What makes it even more special is that this example is the first one, taking on the OneRoster specification in Europe, moving casually through all the necessary steps to get certified. Their focus is on the overall ecosystem, keeping up-to-date with the latest (regional) versions of the specification.


Cities of Learning in the UK (by Navigatr, in cooperation with Future Creators and Real Ideas)

Presented by Rachel Carter, Lead of Cities of Learning at Future Creators; Deana Ward, Operational Lead of Cities of Learning at Future Creators; and Ed Hart, Program Lead at Real Ideas

View the Session Recording Here

Future Creators, Real Ideas, and Navigatr have been breaking new ground by applying a rigorous standard to writing badges to use in informal place-based learning settings. They have used open badges in extra-curricular education settings, informal learning provision, and employability work with young people. Rachel Carter, Deana Ward, and Ed Hart talked about some examples from their work in the Cities of Learning pilot projects in Brighton and Plymouth. They showed how badges have helped highlight the crucial skills young people develop outside the classroom and the pathways this can set them on in their journeys to employment.

Jury report: These three organizations have delivered something crucial at scale, addressing real problems, focusing on the real use, and the real business needs. Implementations like this transform society's way of exchanging credentials. It shows a clear vision of digital credentials. Using the underlying Open Badges specification seems secondary but has contributed to this smooth operation that greatly impacts students and learners.


IMS Europe Learning Impact Award Details

The best Lightning Talks of IMS Europe Summit 2020 will be recognized.

The evaluators for the Learning Impact Awards will be IMS staff. The criteria for the award are similar to the criteria for the IMS Learning Impact Awards.

The two award winners will get recognition at the IMS website and in the IMS Newsletter. They receive a 50% discount on the registration fee for the IMS conference in 2021 and will automatically be entered into the global competition at that conference. They will also receive a discount on a ticket for the IMS Europe conference in 2021 and will be automatically entered into the IMS Europe award competition for that year.