IMS Europe 2020 Online Summit: Lightning Talks

Lightning Talks


We want to collect inspiring stories about how you experienced the fast uptake in online learning this year and where you think IMS standards can help. Your story could be about an interesting implementation journey or about an inspiring collaboration, about technical guidelines that helped a customer to move forward or other inspiring insights. We also would like to hear a challenge that you would like to overcome together with the IMS Europe community.

Relevant details:
•    The lightning talk will be 10 minutes, including setup time and 3 minutes for questions and answers.
•    If you want to use some slides, we prefer you to show them yourself and share your screen with the audience (through Zoom).
•    There will be a prep session 1-2 weeks before the actual session, to make sure all slideshows are displayed properly.

IMS gives awards for the most outstanding lightning talks of the November 2020 Summit sessions—determined by the projects that demonstrated the most potential to improve learning impact. Winning an IMS award gives you recognition within the IMS community and the opportunity to participate in the global IMS Learning Impact Awards 2021 competition.

You can find more information on the awards here.

IMS Europe members interested in delivering a lightning talk should contact Nynke de Boer