FETC 2018

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23 Jan 2018 - 1:10am to 26 Jan 2018 - 1:10am
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Orlando, Florida

Opening Up: How to Enable Access to All Open Educational Resources

Session Code: W167
Wednesday, January 24, 2018
10:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Room: South 330H 
Venue: Orange County Convention Center
It seems EVERYONE is building an LOR — Learning Object Repository. And we mean everyone: states, districts, virtual schools, and vendors. LORs are critical to delivering personalized Open Education Resources effectively to each student when and where they need it. But without LOR interoperability, schools, in effect, put open resources in closed repositories. Join us in this BYOD workshop to learn about IMS Global's initiative to establish the LOR interoperability standard and how this initiative will help your district in establishing an "open" LOR. You'll get hands-on with the back end of the OpenEd platform to test drive a standards-based LOR engine. You'll also discover critical design specifications and techniques you will need to build or select a repository that is right for your district.
Presenters: Polina Babina, Product Manager, OpenEd, an ACT Company; Adam Blum, CEO, OpenEd, an ACT Company; Leo Brehm, CIO/CTO, Central Massachusetts Collaborative; Massachusetts Virtual Academy; Don Dailey, Project Manager, Kalamazoo Regional Education Service Agency

OpenSALT: Aligning OER With Open Metadata Standards

Session Code: C47
Thursday, January 25, 2018
2:00 PM - 2:40 PM
Room: South 331A 
Venue: Orange County Convention Center
The future of Open Education Resources (OER) is open metadata standards. IMS Global has published the Competency and Academic Exchange (CASE) specification, and several organizations have collaboratively developed an open source suite of tools to enable OER providers and consumers of any scale to leverage Google, Khan, and open content to transform teaching and learning. In this session, Greg Nadeau of PCG, CIO Leo Brehm, and Tim Beekman, president of Safari Montage, will demonstrate a process to create machine-readable, linked data competency frameworks and provide hands-on opportunities for participants to begin managing their frameworks.
Presenters: Tim Beekman, President, Safari Montage; Leo Brehm. CIO/CTO, Central Massachusetts Collaborative; Massachusetts Virtual Academy; Greg Nadeau, Manager, Public Consulting Group

The Student-Centered Classroom in the Digital Age

Session Code: C517
Thursday, January 25, 2018
3:20 PM - 4:00 PM 
Room: North 230A 
Venue: Orange County Convention Center

Come and experience a student-centered classroom using a seamless plug-and-play digital learning ecosystem. We will explore vignettes of a teacher, student, and administrator as they go about their daily tasks in a digital environment optimized for authentic learning. You will hear from a panel of educational leaders who are implementing tools and techniques that are improving learning experiences for students while reducing costs and implementation time. You will have an opportunity to share your own work in this area. And you will walk away with strategies for remodeling your learning system to empower all stakeholders. In this session, we will learn from one another about the technologies and standards that any district, regardless of size, can start using today.
Panelists: Tom Ingram, Director Information Technology, Escambia County Schools, FL; Mike Cicchetti, Volusia Country Schools, Coordinator Learning Technologies; Jill Hobson, K-12 Institutional Program Manager, IMS Global Learning Consortium

IMS: Helping School IT Move EdTech in the Right Direction

Session Code: C76
Friday, January 26, 2018
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM 
Room: South 330H 
Venue: Orange County Convention Center
Student-centered learning is achievable when information technology works together seamlessly. As K-12 districts build rich technology ecosystems that allow greater flexibility and choice, school IT leaders are increasingly selecting digital tools and learning resources based, in part, on interoperability. Achieving this vision of a pervasive ecosystem requires leadership, collaboration, and a strategy for how to apply technology at scale to improve instruction and personalize learning. In this session, you will learn how leaders in the K-12 community are establishing a “plug-and-play” EdTech ecosystem that delivers demonstrably better experiences for students, teachers, and administrators. In this session, IMS Global CEO Rob Abel and Maurice Draggon will outline the key characteristics of emerging digital education ecosystems as well as new opportunities for collaboration and innovation.
Panelists: Maurice Draggon, Director of the Instructional Management System, Orange County Public Schools; Rob Abel, Ed.D. , Chief Executive Officer, IMS Global Learning Consortium; Tina Barrios, Assistant Superintendent, School Board of Polk County