LTI Outcomes V2

LTI Outcomes V2

Hello I am trying to develop a tool provider using Outcomes V2. I have been testing against moodle and wanted to know how do i construct or get the lineitem. I currently have this:

LtiLibrary.Core.Outcomes.v2.LisResult result = new LtiLibrary.Core.Outcomes.v2.LisResult();
LtiLibrary.Core.Outcomes.v2.LisPerson person = new LtiLibrary.Core.Outcomes.v2.LisPerson();

person.UserId = "2";

// Uri uri = new Uri("");
result.Comment = "Good Job";

result.ResultAgent = person;
// result.ResultOf = uri;
result.ResultScore = "10";

Exception ex = LtiLibrary.Core.Outcomes.v2.OutcomesClient.PostResult(result, Request.Form["lis_outcome_service_url"].ToString(), Request.Form["oauth_consumer_key"].ToString(), clsLtiParams.SharedSecret).Exception;

i need to know how to complete the lisPerson object and the ResultOf URI