2017-Jan-26 OB Working Group Minutes

2017-Jan-26 OB Working Group Minutes

Open Badges Working Group

26 January 2017


Working Group forum

Current spec & documentation

GitHub repository


Jeff Bohrer

Markus Gylling



Archived recording



Charles Touron (US Dept of Army), Mark Mercury (Pearson Acclaim), Mike Macklin (CSU Online), Novak Rogic (UBC), Will Engle (UBC), Steve Gance (WA SBCTC); 1EdTech: Jeff Bohrer, Mark Leuba, Markus Gylling


  1. Welcome and Introductions

    • 1EdTech Intellectual Property statement:

    • Minutes from last meeting posted in forum

    • Mark Leuba introduced and thanked new co-chairs: Mark Mercury (Pearson Acclaim) and Mike Macklin (Colorado State U Online)


  1. Brief update from Dig Credentials & Badges Exec Board mtg 1/23

    • Exec Board will provide strategic direction/oversight to this working group. Jeff shared the OB strategic pillars that were introduced to the board (security/privacy, verifiability, relevance, openness, rigor, and technical quality)


  1. Goals of Open Badges Working Group

#1  Deliver OB 2.0 specification to final release

#2  Work (in parallel) on 2.x features and/or extension proposals in alignment w/ Exec Board


  1. Milestones - review milestone tracker

    • Jeff gave overview of 1EdTech specification approval process

    • Mark L explained that another deliverable of this working group is to agree upon a minimum set of required elements needed for conformance validation


  1. Open Badges Specification Review

    • Nate Otto gave brief walk-through of current specification as published on and in the GitHub repository

    • Jeff asked the group take on the following as homework for next meeting:

  1. Review spec document and GitHub repository (To interact with GitHub, you need to create a GitHub account if you don’t already have one. Reminder: 2.0 use cases are open issues.)

    1. Do you have use cases that are not covered? If so, add an issue to the tracker or save up the question for next week’s meeting.

    2. Do you have use cases that are redundant to your organization (i.e. you have no interest in implementing)? If so, add an issue to the tracker or save up the question for next week’s meeting.

    3. Review the spec for technical compatibility with 1EdTech tech ecosystem. If you have issues or questions, put an issue in the tracker.  

  • The group will review and discuss issues/questions on forthcoming calls.


  1. Upcoming 1EdTech Quarterly Mtg and Summit on Digital Credentials & Badges

    • February 27 - March 2, Orlando.

      • Day-long Summit: Feb 28

      • OB Community Council: Mar 1 (open to public)

      • OB Working Group f2f: Mar 2


  1. Next Meeting

    • Thursday, Feb 2, 12:00pm EST; details