2017-Aug-17 1EdTech OB Community Meeting

2017-Aug-17 1EdTech OB Community Meeting

1EdTech Open Badges Community Meeting - August 17, 2017

The 1EdTech Open Badges Community Meetings are open to all regardless of 1EdTech membership. 

Meeting Archives

The community meeting was recorded and is available here. Note that the recording begins ~15 minutes into the meeting. Due to storage limitations the streamed recording may be removed after 30 days.

Presenter slides are available below by those who chose to share their materials.

Community Presentations

  • Victoria Raish and Emily Rimland, Penn State University Libraries;Research: Employer Perceptions of Soft Skills and Digital Badges (Slides)
  • Daniel T. Hickey, Indiana University Learning Sciences Program; Research: Where Badges Work Better (Slides)
  • Shannon Wells, California Community Colleges; 21st Century Skills Badging (Slides)
  • Matt Rogers, Digitalme; Mozilla Backpack Update (Slides)
  • Laura Hilliger, We Are Open Co-op; Badge Wiki project
  • Cara Jenkins, 1EdTech OB; Community Directory project
  • Cate Tolnai, CUE; K-12 badge network

1EdTech Updates

  • 1EdTech OB technical workgroup is currently focused on finishing the product certification requirements and testing protocol in order to offer 1EdTech certification for OB 2.0 to technology suppliers before the end of 2017. Workgroup is also in the very early stages of examing Blockcerts extensions for Open Badges, developed by Learning Machine and being given to 1EdTech. Workgroup is also participating in a new effort with members of the Extended Transcript workgroup to analyze data schemes of both OB and eT and consider vocabulary alignment where appropriate.
  • 1EdTech OB Community meetings will be held four times each year. 1EdTech is building an online Community Directory where organizations who issue badges can be listed as well as technology providers who support Open Badges. To be listed in the Community Directory, you may submit this questionnaire

Ways to Participate

  • Contribute to Open Badges standard - public code repository (subject to 1EdTech member workgroup review)
  • 1EdTech Open Badges public forum (meeting notes, questions; 1EdTech login required)
  • Signup for 1EdTech Open Badges mailing list for events, news by contacting
  • Join the large Open Badges Google Group
  • Twitter: #openbadges  @OpenBadges  @LearningImpact
  • Become an 1EdTech member and receive access to developer resources, technical assistance, 1EdTech work groups, quarterly meetings, peer members, and more.

Upcoming Events

The following events are open to all regardless of 1EdTech membership.

  • Next 1EdTech Open Badges Community Meeting: November 2017. Date/Time TBD
  • 2018 1EdTech Digital Credentials Summit - February 27-28, 2018 Scottsdale, Arizona (Arizona State University)