2017-Oct-05 OB Workgroup Minutes

2017-Oct-05 OB Workgroup Minutes

Open Badges Workgroup

05 October 2017



Meeting URL:

Password: badges

Phone access: 1-650-479-3207  Access code: 732 632 014



Workgroup forum (agendas, minutes, discussion)

Current published IMS OB 2.0 standard

GitHub repository (2.0)

Project timeline

IMS Intellectual Property Statement

Workgroup Chairs

Tim Cook

Jarin Schmidt

IMS Staff

Jeff Bohrer

Markus Gylling



Streaming recording


Attendance: Alex Hripak (Credly), Alex Reis (D2), Andy Creighton (ADL), Gustavo Torrico (Learning Objects), Jarin Schmidt (Acclaim), Justin Pitcher (Chalk and Wire), Nate Otto (Conc Sky), Phil Long (UT-Austin), Steve Gance (WA CTC), Tim Cook (LRNG), Viktor Haag (D2L); IMS: Jeff Bohrer, Markus Gylling


  1. Welcome / Introductions / Announcements


  1. Certification suite update

    • Jeff reported that backend infrastructure is installed and front-end site has been designed. Further site development over next two weeks. On track for beta-testers in late October. Goal is for development to be finished by Oct. 31.

    • IMS is planning for a first wave of multiple suppliers to be certified within a very brief time of each other. Please contact Jeff if you intend to apply for certification in November.

  2. IMS OB Validator project update

  3. Specification:

    • Nate observed issues with implementation of “allowedOrigins” property within the Verification object and asked the workgroup if existing details on this property are clear. Group suggested creating a new issue to clarify support for an array of hostnames and that hostnames include subdomains and ports. Jeff will create a new issue for this in the spec.


  1. Workgroup priorities - Near-term (Oct-Dec)  

DETERMINE NEXT STEPS (next steps are numbered below each project)

  • OB 2.0 product certifications

    • 1) IMS staff build

    • 2) need early beta testers (late Oct)

    • 3) finish Recommended Practices doc (Tim, Steve, Nate, Jeff)

  • Extensions updates (general cleanup, OBEE, rubric support?)

    • 1) GitHub - ensure all IMS extensions are in github including OBEE

    • 2) determine licensing for existing extensions (contact authors; IMS determine which licensing scheme)

    • 3) Moving OBEE through IMS publishing process to Final

    • 4) Determine criteria for moving extensions to core (fraught with challenges; can there be a general IMS approach common across other specs?)

  • New extensions - Blockcerts

    • Kim will serve as point within workgroup

    • moderate to high interest from 6 workgroup members

  • New Badge Integrations Task Force

    • Call for Participation will be sent out to IMS Contributing Members.


  1. Nate stated that Concentric Sky has a customer with requirements for rubric support in Open Badges, and described his interest in a potential addition to the existing Assessment extension from IMS. Workgroup discussed merits of including reps from CASE (Jeff Grann or Bryan Smith), QTI (Mark McKell), and Caliper (Anthony Whyte)  to recommend best approach as rubrics are a topic related to these existing specs. This scenario shows the importance of getting the extensions into github for community contributions. Markus suggested this would be a good topic for the shared vocabularies task force, potentially meeting in Redmond. Markus and Jeff will discuss and determine a meeting date for this topic. Nate’s timeline for implementation is ASAP, so they may go ahead and implement a short-term solution for their customer.



  1. Workgroup priorities - Mid-term (Jan. - ?)

    • Pathways

  2. Workgroup priorities - Long-term (2018+)

    • Backpack

    • OB 2.0 backlog review

  1. Agenda for Nov. 10 quarterly meeting

  2. Next OB workgroup meeting: Thurs. Oct. 19


Upcoming events

  • Next workgroup meetings: all meet at 12:00 ET

    • Oct. 19

    • Nov. 2, 10 (in-person), 16, 30

    • Dec 14; Jan 4, 18;

  • IMS Quarterly meeting, Nov. 7 - 10, 2017, Microsoft Headquarters, Seattle/Redmond, WA

  • IMS Open Badges Community Meeting (online), November. Nov 14, 12:00-1:30pm ET

  • IMS Quarterly meeting & Digital Credentials Summit, Feb. 26 - Mar. 1, 2018, ASU, Scottsdale, AZ