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The Open Innovation Revolution Across K-20 Education: Enable 10-100X Improvement in Adoption of Digital Learning


We are living in a world full of exciting new technologies that have the potential to help students learn, teachers teach and institutions deliver personalized educational experiences. The hopes for educational technology has never been higher as we transition from primarily print to predominantly digital learning resources and evolve to more digital learning options that student’s desire. 

Unfortunately, the reality today is that incorporating or combining innovative applications and content from diverse sources is difficult. New technologies are not easily combined to enable the efficient, effective and personalized experiences that teachers and students desire.


The good news is that IMS Global Learning Consortium, a non-profit alliance of suppliers, higher education institutions, school districts and states, are working together to develop and bring to market a set of open standards that make educational applications, content and data plug and play.  Together we are helping education move towards an open platform to enable greater efficiency, effectiveness, and innovation.

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Earn recognition as an institutional leader for breaking the status quo of closed, proprietary systems that make digital innovation a challenge. Check out the Connected Learning Advisory Council which is a collaboration among higher education institutions to make educational content and software easier to use in various combination for teaching and learning.


What Does the Open Revolution Look Like for K-12?


IMS Global formed the I3LC (Instructional Innovation through Interoperability Leadership Council) as a collaboration among school district and state leaders to lead the creation and adoption of open instructional technology interoperability standards for curriculum, assessment, and all aspects of instructional improvement for the benefit of school districts and states working to put in place a new generation of IT infrastructure. Learn how you can get involved. 


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