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Digital Credentials and Lifelong Learning

A portrait of lifelong learning is now possible with

the connections we are making together.

We're in it together. The 1EdTech community is working across K-12, higher education, and corporate education to make life achievements more accessible, personalized, and equitable from the start for every learner. Together, we establish the digital credentials ecosystem based on open standards that show the whole learner at every step of their journey, ensure interoperability across systems, and open the doors to opportunity today and tomorrow.

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An education-to-employment ecosystem 

means success for us all.

When institutions and employers collaborate, learning outcomes and skills are aligned so a learner’s credentials can be verified and matched instantly to the right job.

Today's digital credentials are how educators award achievement, learners stack their experiences, and employers find the perfect match and upskill their teams. Everyone can organize, track, and verify qualifications from the start.

K-12 and Higher Education

Educators award academic credentials that show progress toward mastery of academic and industry standards aligned with needed workforce skills.

Lifelong Learners

Learners use and arrange their verifiable digital credentials augmented with personal achievements and evidence to apply and qualify for jobs.


Employers save resources by finding and verifying the best candidates with structured data algorithms. Identify talent based on what people know and can do.

Given the challenges educators and employers have worldwide finding the right fit between opportunities and quality candidates, the old approaches to credentialing are no longer good enough.

A connected ecosystem means more opportunities for prior learning, dual enrollment, internships, technical skills development, and educational experiences that are highly valued by multiple industries.  

Digital credentials allow learners to make the most of their experiences while reducing administrative costs and headaches for organizations.


Dr. Freeman A. Hrabowski, III, President, UMBC"Now more than ever, educators and employers need to work in partnership to prepare learners with the skills they need for the jobs of the future. At UMBC, we are working with the Greater Washington Partnership and the University System of Maryland's Kirwan Center to use digital credentials and the Comprehensive Learner Record to show our students the skills employers are seeking and to give employers greater insight into the skills our students can bring to their organizations. We are excited to work with other members of the 1EdTech member community to develop the standards that allow digital credentials to be put into practice now and in the future."
Dr. Freeman A. Hrabowski, III, President, University of Maryland, Baltimore County


1EdTech members and partners make the difference.

Working together, we can help transform the education system and align learning to workforce needs. Become part of the solution by joining the collaboration.

The 1EdTech Digital Credentials Summit is the only event that brings together educators and employers to advance groundbreaking work with digital credentials and workforce partnerships. The Summit takes place annually in February/March. Registered attendees of the 2021 virtual Summit can access session recordings here.

The Wellspring Project brings educational institutions and employers together to drive the use of digital credentials across the board, automate the matching of credentials with education and opportunities, and empower individuals to find jobs. Join us.


AACRAO and 1EdTech set the standard.

The American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers has issued guidance for higher education institutions to adopt the 1EdTech Comprehensive Learner Record standard—and encourages employers to do the same. Read the full story. and review AACRO's Practical Guide for Campus Personnel.

An open ecosystem means access and innovation.

Digital credentials with 1EdTech standards are learner-controlled, skills-based, and always interoperable. That helps make lifelong achievements more shareable and secure without custom integrations. Saving you time, resources and accelerates your digital transformation.

The 1EdTech digital credentials initiative includes the Comprehensive Learner Record standard (CLR standard), Open Badges, and Competencies and Academic Standards Exchange® (CASE® ) standards.

CLR Standard

Learning happens at every stage of the journey.

CLR icon

A personalized digital record that shows and tells a wide range of experiences and accomplishments in the context of learning.

Learn more

Open Badges

The digital way to award accomplishments.

Open Badges icon

Digital recognition of accomplishments embedded with verifiable and secure metadata.


Learn more


It’s the learning standards and skills inside a digital credential.

CASE icon

The fastest way educators and employers know what learning happened and skills demonstrated to earn the achievement.

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Professor Martin Bean CBE, Vice-Chancellor and President, RMIT University"Universities and colleges need to prepare their students for life and work. Employers are increasingly valuing human skills as their key hiring criteria. Educators must respond by helping students develop those human skills and by evidencing them in contemporary, digital, and discoverable ways. RMIT University has adopted a comprehensive micro-credential strategy for our students and staff designed to do just that. We currently have over 90 micro-credentials available to our community ranging from topics such as "Emotional Intelligence" to "Planning a Project," and we have awarded over 50,000 digital badges based on Open Badges 2.0. Many of our credentials are designed with and taught by industry partners. We are proud to be able to play our part in helping our graduates effectively demonstrate all of their skills and competencies, both technical and human."
Professor Martin Bean CBE, Vice-Chancellor and President, RMIT University


Prepare for the world ahead.


Digital transformations may seem overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be with these resources and guidance from the experts. We're here for you.

CLR Standard Learn and Lead

Join 1EdTech, educational leaders, and employers for our monthly open webinar to discuss best practices and lessons learned. Register for a CLR Standard Roundtable today.

Open Badges

Thousands of organizations worldwide issue Open Badges, from non-profits to major employers to educational institutions at all levels. Learn more with our FAQ and Glossary.

See the results of the Badge Count 2020 Report

CASE Network

Whether you're an educator or edtech supplier, downloading the digital curriculum standards or accessing the API doesn't require a membership. Register for free.


Get 1EdTech certified for interoperability.

A product certified by 1EdTech means it's verified and securely transferable to any certified platform—you can count on it. Explore all the interoperable products in the 1EdTech Product Directory.


1EdTech Members Are Leaders in Digital Credentials

When you become an 1EdTech Contributing Member, you'll work across boundaries to develop the standards and strategic initiatives that empower digital transformation and create new paths to success for educators, employers, and lifelong learners. Join us.


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