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IMS Global members collaborate and provide leadership to support the implementation of the Digital Learning Revolution Program. Members come together to develop resources, articulate best practices, and document case studies while exchanging ideas to help each other accelerate progress. Network members also come together as powerful advocates for the use of IMS Global standards by technology suppliers. These leadership networks are at the intersection of a district’s curriculum and technology standards and are helping to shape the next generation of learning.

Building the Foundation

Are you working to have all applications ready to use on the first day of learning? From rostering to connecting apps to ingesting content, this group explores all areas of initiating an interoperability program. Share your successes and solve problems together along the way. 

    This group will: 
    • Explain the positives and negatives in the marketplace today
    • Share best practices and strategies for the exchange of roster data
    • Develop recommended methods for planning, acquiring and vetting for the move to apps and tools
    • Raymond Lee (Fulton County Schools)
    • TBD

    Enabling Instructional Impact

    Is your district working toward integrating multiple sources of digital curriculum, learning apps and tools, and assessment products? Are you seeking ways to reduce the administrative overhead for teachers, such as integrating gradebook data in one place? Come together with other educators to explore these issues, evaluate the latest options in the marketplace and share best practices with others.

    This group will:
    • Develop recommended methods for planning, acquiring and vetting for the move to digital content
    • Investigate, deploy and recommend best practices for collecting assignment scores and grades across a wide array of digital resources in a single place of record
    • Evaluate the way institutions are using interoperability standards to integrate summative and formative assessments, including third-party item banks
    • Anne Boothe (Houston Independent School District)
    • TBD

    State Assessment Leaders

    The State Assessment Innovation Leadership Network (ILN) is a collaborative group of state assessment and technology leaders working to make online assessment systems, resources, and tools more efficient and effective. 

    • Dale Cornelius (Maryland State Department of Education)
    • Cheryl Alcaya (Minnesota Department of Education)

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