Seamless, Rapid Integration of Innovative Learning Applications and Tools


IMS provides the ultimate advantage to organizations or individuals that develop or use learning applications or tools. IMS Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) enables plug and play into any learning management software that is IMS certified. LTI is the ultimate “write once, run anywhere” mash-up solution for educational apps, providing the following benefits:



Series on Learning Impact


  • Responsiveness to faculty and students: Instantaneous integration of a wide variety of learning tools, applications, and content into the learning management system
  • Seamless single sign-on: A seamless online environment through a single sign-on learning portal for all users (teachers, student, parents, administrators) – all applications appear in one system
  • Exchange of outcomes data: Return of outcomes data and analytics across a wide variety of learning tools, applications, and content to the learning management system for immediate use by faculty or students
  • Ultimate community source sharing: Ability to share educational community-developed learning tools, applications, and content across vendor platforms
  • Efficiency: Every application interfaces in the same way, reducing the number of custom integrations required for product developers or IT specialists