Judy Komar

Vice President of Educational Technology, Colorado Technical University
Judy Komar is Vice President of Educational Technology for Colorado Technical University.  She is responsible for providing innovative technology solutions for CTU students, developing content for more than 300 new courses annually and facilitating and integrating educational technologies for all CTU campuses.  She also facilitates program development, academic requests, and institutional growth, as well as the continuous improvement of the online and blended student experience and environment. 
Judy has been an integral part in the development of the award-winning “virtual campus” technologies.  Judy has also been an integral part of the development of numerous self-published textbooks which are used by thousands of students.  Most recently, Judy has been working with the IT and Academic Teams to design a new Adaptive Learning Platform for students through the creation of Learning Maps powered by Learning Analytics. Cumulative enrollments in the system of over 450,000 students with 150 learning maps, this Adaptive Learning Platform implementation showcases Adaptive Learning in action.
Prior to joining Colorado Technical University, Judy worked in the areas of Academics, Instructional Technology, Consulting, and Curriculum Development.  Notable is her number of years in the Academic and Educational Technology field and the experience it brings to her present position.
Colorado Technical University