K-12 Ed Tech and Curriculum Leadership Council

Mission: The mission of the K-12 EdTech and Curriculum Leadership Council (formerly I3LC) is to enable effective collaboration among school district and state leaders who are creating and implementing technology integration strategies that enable continuous improvement in instruction and personalized learning. The Council will lead the adoption of open instructional technology interoperability standards for curriculum, assessment, and all aspects of instructional improvement for the benefit of school districts & states working to put in place a new generation of IT infrastructure.

Organization & Process: The K-12 Ed Tech and Curriculum Leadership Council are led by an Advisory Board of 10-20 district or state officials who set the agenda for the council. The Council members meet four times a year, including at least one face-to-face meeting. The advisory board provides leadership in terms of outreach to the wider K-12 Community. Participants in the advisory board are appointed by IMS based upon their interest and commitment in leading the community. Members will rotate off the advisory board periodically.

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