Robbie K. Melton, Ph.D.

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Associate Vice Chancellor for Mobilization and Emerging Technologies, Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR)

Dr. Melton serves as the chief system level administrator to oversee the system’s mission and initiatives for the Strategic Mobilization Planning and Business Models, Mobilization Quality Assurances, Faculty and Student Use of Mobile Devices related to teaching, learning, training, and workforce development, and the coordination of research, product testing, pilots and security safety networks. She has published and presented around the nation the impact and value of mobilization for education and the workforce and has acquired a new distinction as an “Appologist”, due to her study of the pedagogy and best teaching practices with mobilization, quality standards for the utilization of mobile apps, and for her creation of the Mobile App Education and Workforce Resource Center (50,000+ Apps that have been aligned with over ninety-five subject areas from PreK to Ph.D., including workforce careers, professional development and life-long-learning; according to one’s mobile device of choice). Dr. Melton curerntly serves on the Sloan-C Board of Directors, WCET Executive Board, Tennessee MERLOT Project Director, IMS Global Learning Solution Higher Education Co-Chair, and Co-Chair Global Educational Center.

Tennessee Board of Regents