Learning Tools Interoperability: Sample Code

Learning Tools Interoperability®: Sample Code

The LTI® specifications use standard web technology and is not complex to implement.  But the speed of implementation can often be increased by perusing or re-using existing code.  This page provides links to known sources of sample code which may be useful.  Note that not all of the code has been through the IMS certification tests, so caveat emptor.  The code samples have been separated by programming language.


Tool Provider Class Library for PHP
IMS has released this open source class library which includes support for LTI 1.x, LTI 2.x, Content-Item messages and the Membership service. A sample Rating application is also available to illustrate its use.


IMS Global - LTI Utilities
LTI Utilities are a set of utility classes to aid in the development of LTI v1.0 consumers and providers. They deal with much of the heavy lifting and make the process more opaque to the developer.