Learning Tools Interoperability: Testing Integrations

Learning Tools Interoperability®: Testing Integrations

There are a number of resources available which can be helpful when it comes to testing your LTI® implementations.

LTI Test Suite
This site was developed for the ceLTIc project and provides simulators for both a tool consumer and a tool provider. You can use it to launch to itself and see more detail of the messages which are being passed between the systems. Or you can use it to launch your tool provider application, or you can use it as a dummy tool provider to launch from your tool consumer application. It supports LTI 1.0 to 2.0, including the unofficial extensions and services as they are released.
LTI Launcher for Windows
lti4win is a Windows desktop client application which acts like an LTI tool consumer. It provides a simple environment for testing connections to LTI tool providers by allowing launch credentials to be specified, and resource links and users to be defined.
OAuth 1.0 Authentication Sandbox
This site provides a tailored version of an OAuth 1.0 message signing site which allows you to check the signatures being generated for your messages.