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The Learning and Education Technology Satisfaction and Trends ( LearnSAT) report and underlying research are conducted to help inform a new and rapidly evolving marketplace in the use of technology to support teaching and learning. Those responsible for implementing and supporting solutions in this new marketplace have very little information other than that supplied by vendors as to the level of satisfaction obtained. This research series attempts to fill that gap. A very unique aspect of this research is that it also looks at trends in how these technologies are being used and supported, as well as the technologies themselves. It is based on over two years of research uncovering best practices for success in Internet-Supported learning.The IMS Global Learning Consortium LearnSAT is the learning community's number one source for satisfaction and trends in the use of technology to support learning.

IMS conducted the original study in 2007.

2011 LearnSAT Survey

Participate in the 2011 1 LearnSAT survey. You will find links to rate many different educational products and see the results in progress.

2009/2010 LearnSAT Survey

The results of the 2009/ 2010 LearnSAT Survey are available at: http://www.imsglobal.org/LearnSat/learnsat200910.html

2007 LearnSAT Survey

Download Public Summary 2007 Learning Technology Satisfaction and Trends Report

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