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Responding to COVID Using Data: A Higher Education Panel Explores How Data Helped to Rapidly Shift Online

  • Andy Fisher, Manager LMS Development Team, Pennsylvania State University
  • Vedu Hariths, Associate Director, eLearning Applications Development, The Ohio State University
  • David Long, Associate Director, Enterprise Instructional Technology, Office of Teaching, Learning & Technology, University of Iowa
  • Etienne Pelaprat, Chief Technology Officer, Unizin
  • Moderator: Melissa Loble, Chief Customer Experience Officer, Instructure

A panel of higher ed leaders from Unizin member institutions discuss how they leveraged data—especially from learning technologies—to respond rapidly to COVID and continue to manage the new world of teaching and learning. Discover how these leading institutions used data to drive student and faculty readiness, identify data gaps, and prepare for the next steps using data to support an ever-changing landscape in higher education.

“The data is there, the infrastructure is in place, and the systems and processes and standards are all hooked together which allows us to get larger benefits of combining data in different ways to help us understand how students are engaging.”

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EdTech Leaders Perspectives: An Interview with Instructure

  • Melissa Loble, Chief Customer Experience Officer, Instructure

Melissa Loble discusses the importance of access to online environments and stresses that now is the time to be preparing for the fall with new low-risk possibilities for the use of new instructional tools, resources, less static content, and data on content usage and outcomes. 1EdTech has made the rapid response possible, and the hope is that many more organizations will see the importance of the 1EdTech work.

"We were very lucky moving into this because we were interoperable. That allowed for districts and higher education institutions to quickly integrate technologies that perhaps weren't being used at mass across that organization and not have the integration be the challenge but more how do we get folks trained on how to use those new technologies."


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