Learning Object Discovery and Exchange

Learning Object Discovery and Exchange

The Learning Object Discovery & Exchange (LODE) specification aims to facilitate the discovery and retrieval of learning objects stored across more than one collection.

In the context of this work, a learning object can be anything digital used for teaching, learning, or training. Learning objects can consist of simple assets (e.g., text, images, short videos) that can generally be directly rendered in a web browser,>or more complex resources that usually consist of multiple components (e.g., text, images, simulations, videos, assessment exercises, etc.) that need to be combined in a precise way in order to provide end-users with a meaningful learning experience. Learning content specifications such as 1EdTech Content Package and 1EdTech Common Cartridge make it possible for such learning objects to be reused in different learning systems. This is achieved by packaging all the required components in a zip file together with a manifest describing how these components have to be rendered. As a result of this process where specifications have been applied, the content becomes more ‘interoperable’ and can be more easily exchanged and reused in learning platforms from different commercial vendors, or in open source learning (content) management systems,that comply with the relevant content packaging specifications.

Although the use of learning platforms is becoming common in most educational organizations, and the number of learning objects available online, for free or by subscription, is huge, most of these learning objects are not globally discoverable, which hampers their potential use and reuse. Improving access to these learning objects would have a significant impact on learning.

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