IMS GLC Learning Technology Satisfaction and Trends
North American
Higher Education
05 February 2007 Update


IMS GLC Satisfaction Ratings: Top Three

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ANGEL Content Management
3rd Place

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This report and underlying research are conducted to help inform a new and rapidly evolving marketplace in the use of technology to support teaching and learning. Those responsible for implementing and supporting solutions in this new marketplace have very little information other than that supplied by vendors as to the level of satisfaction obtained. This research series attempts to fill that gap. A very unique aspect of this research is that it also looks at trends in how these technologies are being used and supported, as well as the technologies themselves. It is based on over two years of research uncovering best practices for success in Internet-Supported learning.

The IMS Global Learning Consortium (IMS GLC) sponsors and performs this research. IMS GLC is the world’s largest and oldest standards consortium focused exclusively on learning standards since 1996. IMS GLC provides a neutral ground for industry participants to come together for advocacy of standards, recognition, and best practices to enable learning impact.

This report represents responses from approximately 200 qualified individuals over the past 12 months. The research approach and tenets have evolved over a two-year period and have involved numerous participants, many of whom are listed on Qualified participants receive a report on the findings, as do IMS GLC members and Affiliates to the IMS GLC. See

You may download the summary report here.