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Katy ISD: Harnessing the Abundance of Digital Resources to Efficiently Personalize Learning


Fulton County Schools: Accelerating Personalized Learning With a Plug-and-Play Ecosystem


Gwinnett County Public Schools: Creating A Digital Curriculum Ecosystem


I can see for miles and miles and miles

“I can see for miles and miles and miles.” – The Who

We’re all impatient and getting more impatient all the time. We’re all looking for time well spent. But, we also want to be prepared for the future. How do you achieve both?

Not like everybody else

Experience API and Caliper Discovery: Moving Along Nicely!

On Monday, August 15, at the IMS Global quarterly meeting at Utah Valley University, the leaders of the Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) initiative, responsible for the Experience API (xAPI), came together with the leaders of the Caliper Learning Analytics Framework (Caliper) from IMS Global.  ADL has joined as a Contributing Member of IMS Global and the parties are committed to exploring a unified path for xAPI and Caliper.  This may mean alignment at some lev

Leading the way to next generation digital learning environments: Use-cases and new product categories

What are education sector realities telling us about the likely evolution toward next generation digital learning environments?

Deeper dive on next generation digital learning environment (NGDLE) interoperability: part b: interoperable app outputs

#5 of a series in preparation for May 2016 Learning Impact Leadership Institute

After a 1-week pause to focus on the release of the IMS Annual Report, I’m back at the topic of the anatomy of an educational or learning app.

Changing the Game to Accelerate EdTech Innovation

With the release this week of the IMS Global Annual Report 2015, I wanted to attempt to summarize some ways in which “our little engine of change” is helping to enable some potentially pretty profound stuff.