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Learning & Educational Technology Product Directory

Product/Service/Tool Banner Enrollment Management Suite
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Product Type Portal   Student systems   Data analytics   Talent management  
Segment Higher - Post-Secondary or Tertiary Education
Region Global
Organization Sungard Higher Education
Description The Banner Enrollment Management Suite helps your recruiting, retention, and development teams cultivate strong and lasting relationships. It extends and deepens the capabilities of Banner and empowers you with information you need to: Connect with people and organizations more effectively Deliver personalized experiences and interactions that foster lifetime relationships Monitor and adjust your efforts in real time to impact performance Conduct knowledge-based planning across all recruiting, retention, and alumni programs The end result? You connect with people as individuals. Your recruiting, retention, and development teams build strong connections with prospects, students, parents, alumni and others. And your institution realizes measurable improvements in enrollment, retention, and advancement. View the virtual Banner Enrollment Management brochure here. Rich Relationship Management: Sophisticated contact, communication, campaign, event and performance management capabilities help you deliver superior experiences to every constituent. Your staff can connect with individuals through timely, personalized interactions and capture relationship history where it belongs: in Banner. Relationship management applications include: Recruiting & Admissions Relationships Student Relationships Advancement Relationships Powerful Performance Management: Performance metrics, scorecards, and reports provide intelligence about individual, team, and organizational performance. Configurable alerts provide notification when program or campaign outcomes don’t match expectations, so managers can adjust strategy or tactics to improve final results. Packaged reports and analytics provide in-depth trend analyses and other details so you understand not only how you’re performing but also why. Performance management applications include: Recruiting & Admissions Performance Student Retention Performance Advancement Performance


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