Sponsorship and Networking Opportunities

Going Virtual Together:
Sponsorship and Networking Opportunities

Support from industry-leading organizations committed to open standards and IMS Global's mission serves to advance IMS key initiatives and technical work. IMS offers several high-impact and unique opportunities for sponsors to network and showcase your industry expertise, thought leadership, and customer successes.

This year’s sponsorships are designed to connect you with education professionals from K-12 districts and states, higher education institutions, and workforce development in a virtual environment. Contact Sandra DeCastro at to discuss the sponsorship packages below or customize a package for your organization's needs.

Sponsorship Opportunities Include:


2021 Learning Impact Annual Conference Sponsorship

Sponsorship Fees Vary

Only at the IMS Learning Impact conference can you collaborate with the leaders and visionaries who make educational transformation happen at all levels. This annual event—virtual October 4-7 2021—brings together senior-level leaders across higher education, K-12, government, workforce development, and edtech supplier organizations worldwide. 

The 2021 virtual conference offers attendees inspiration and knowledge-sharing through expert-led speakers and panels, showcase sessions, edtech challenges, community roundtables, deep-dive workshops, networking, sponsor exhibits, and more.

We're anticipating upwards of 1,000 virtual conference attendees—based on participation at recent IMS events. 

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K-12 Leadership Retreat

Sponsorship Fees Vary

The K-12 Leadership Retreat will take place November 10-11, 2021 as a face-to-face meeting in Denver, Colorado at the Magnolia Hotel. This meeting will bring together 50+ K-12 Institutional District and Statewide board members for meetings and workshop activities to engage in collaboration over two days.

Sponsors will be able to designate one senior executive to attend the sessions and workshops (excluding the board meeting) to participate and network with attendees. Sponsorships provide sponsors the opportunity to gain recognition for their leadership in supporting the K-12 community and opportunities to address the attendees during a meal, workshop, or other meeting events.

Diamond sponsors for the 2021 Learning Impact Conference can send one executive to the retreat as a benefit of their sponsorship. If diamond Learning Impact sponsors wish to address the attendees or moderate a panel will need to purchase one of the K-12 Leadership Retreat sponsorship options.

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Digital Transformation Video Series

No Fee—New Contributing Member Benefit

Sponsors can record an 8-10 minute product overview to showcase how you partner with institutions to transform digital ecosystems. Your video should be related to one of the following categories:

  • Digital Credentials and Pathways
  • Learning Data and Analytics
  • Integrated Assessment
  • Adaptive Digital Curriculum
  • Online Integrated Proctoring
  • Simulations and Virtual Labs
  • Video and Collaboration

Recordings will be made available on the IMS website and YouTube Channel. New recordings can be added to the series at any time. This is an exclusive benefit for Contributing Members. Limit one video recording per member per year. Recordings will be available for one year.


TrustEd Apps Preferred Partners Program

Sponsorship Fee Varies Based on Requirements

The TrustEd Apps Preferred Partners program is available for IMS Contributing Members who are interested in adding IMS TrustEd Apps data to their platform to share vetting results conducted by IMS through their vetting process. Sponsorship provides access to TrustEd Apps data in your platform for one year from the IMS Compatibility Check. This data, currently available only to IMS members, helps institutions by providing comprehensive student privacy and data security review of a supplier’s products. The sponsorship includes joint marketing activities and is customized to promote your organization’s leadership to accelerate the use of open standards with your supplier partners. The sponsorship investment spans 12 months. Contact Lisa Mattson at for more information.

See the TrustEd Apps Preferred Partners.

Sponsor the TrustEd Apps Partners Program


Digital Credentials for Learning Summit 2022: Igniting the Talent Continuum

The Digital Credentials Summit is an annual event that brings together 600+ attendees from across K-12, higher education, and workforce to share best practices and to collaborate to ensure a seamless, interoperable user experience in an opportunity ecosystem, removing silos between learning organizations and the workforce. The Digital Credentials Summit takes place from 28 February to 2 March 2022 in Atlanta, Georgia.

As a sponsor, you will have numerous opportunities to network with attendees and showcase your solutions. Sponsoring organizations receive recognition for their support and leadership through multiple channels before, during, and after the conference.

See the IMS Digital Credentials Sponsors.

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Higher Education Institutional Leadership Board Sponsorship

Sponsorship Fee: $5,000

Sponsorship investment spans 12 months providing awareness for the sponsor’s leadership support and networking opportunities throughout the year.

The HED Institutional Leadership Board is focused on identifying priorities and resources to accelerate the adoption of a highly integrated edtech ecosystem. Each institutional IMS Contributing Member designates one academic or IT senior executive/administrator to participate on the board. The board meets four times a year—two via Zoom and two face-to-face in conjunction with a quarterly meeting.

See the HED Institutional Leadership Board Sponsors.


  • Ability to designate one executive to attend the face-to-face HED Executive Leadership Board meetings (two per year in November and June). The meeting will take place virtually if unable to host a face-to-face meeting.
  • Opportunity for one executive to attend the HED joint reception for institutional attendees during the Learning Impact 2021 conference (dates and location TBD).
  • Choice of one of the following to promote your leadership for supporting this initiative:
    • Contribute to the Learning Impact blog to showcase your organization’s leadership in adopting IMS standards to help institutions evolve to a fully integrated digital ecosystem and achieve “results” from adopting IMS standard(s). IMS blogs are shared with all IMS subscribers and via our social media channels.
    • Opportunity to conduct a joint webinar with institutional co-presenters to share effective practices for enabling better teaching and learning from better learning technology. Webinars are shared with all IMS subscribers and via our social media channels.
  • One digital ad in the monthly IMS Community Dispatch newsletter and one digital ad in the monthly Higher Ed Member newsletter (sponsor may request the month the ads are included for each publication)
    • Your digital ad can be linked to a website, case study, or another resource
  • One comp registration for one IMS member quarterly meeting.
  • Recognition of your sponsorship during the IMS quarterly meetings.
  • Sponsorship recognition on the HED Digital Transformation landing page.

Sponsor the HED Board


    K-12 Institutional & Statewide Programs Sponsorship

    The K-12 Board and Statewide Programs sponsorship packages include sponsorship support for the K-12 Institutional Leadership Board, Statewide Programs, and the CASE Network in combined packages that provide unique opportunities to work “shoulder-to-shoulder” with IMS Global K-12 member districts, states, and statewide organizations to address challenges through interoperability. We offer a limited number (10) of the K-12 Institutional & Statewide Programs sponsorships for each board that comes with downstream engagement opportunities that last all year long. 

    • The single program cost for the K-12 Board or Statewide Programs sponsorship is $15,000 for 12 months.
    • The combined program cost for both the K-12 Board and Statewide Programs sponsorship is $25,000 for 12 months.

    See the K-12 Corporate Sponsors.

    K-12 Institutional Leadership Board and Statewide Programs

    The K-12 Institutional Leadership Board is composed of IMS Contributing Member districts that are focused on identifying priorities and resources to enable continuous improvement in instruction and personalized learning. The K-12 Board meets four times a year—twice via Zoom and twice face-to-face at the November quarterly meeting and the annual leadership conference.

    The Statewide Programs serve as the coordination point for IMS Global Statewide Contributing Members to solve educational technology challenges at-scale through interoperability and collaboration. Statewide membership includes state agencies, state virtual schools, and state and national university-based centers and programs focused on addressing challenges in K-12 education. Statewide Programs officially convenes four times a year—two via Zoom and two face-to-face in conjunction with at the November quarterly meeting and the annual conference.

    See details about sponsorship benefits and becoming a K-12 Corporate Sponsor.

    Sponsor the K-12 Board and Statewide Programs


    Structured Discussion and Networking Sponsorship

    Sponsorship Fee: $2,500

    Sponsor will sponsor a 75-minute structured discussion on a topic selected by the sponsor that aligns with one of the following focus areas:

    • Digital Credentials and Pathways
    • Learning Data and Analytics
    • Integrated Assessment
    • Adaptive Digital Curriculum
    • Online Integrated Proctoring
    • Simulations and Virtual Labs
    • Video and Collaboration 

    IMS will promote the session to IMS members and the broader education sector. Participants will spend time with subject matter experts identified by the sponsor to learn about a specific topic of interest and receive practical guidance on how to apply what they learned at their institution. IMS will coordinate the logistics for the structured virtual discussion and make a recording available to the sponsor. This is a great opportunity to gather industry data and generate awareness for your products and services!