Canvas Announces Certification of Caliper Analytics 1.1 Standard

IMS App Note: Resource Efficacy with Caliper Analytics

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Resource Efficacy with Caliper Analytics

By: Adam Blum, ACT
Published July 2017

Not like everybody else

Machine Learning and the Future of Education

Experience API and Caliper Discovery: Moving Along Nicely!

On Monday, August 15, at the IMS Global quarterly meeting at Utah Valley University, the leaders of the Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) initiative, responsible for the Experience API (xAPI), came together with the leaders of the Caliper Learning Analytics Framework (Caliper) from IMS Global.  ADL has joined as a Contributing Member of IMS Global and the parties are committed to exploring a unified path for xAPI and Caliper.  This may mean alignment at some lev

IMS App Note: LTI Integration + Caliper MediaEvent Metric Profile

LTI Integration + Caliper MediaEvent Metric Profile

By: Mike Sharkey, vice president analytics, Blackboard, and Jeff Rubenstein, vice president product, Kaltura
Published September 2016


Unlocking Predictive Analytics to Improve Student Engagement and Retention

Big announcement: IMS Global getting into Badges!

Learning Impact Leadership Institute 2015 Key Themes: Digital Curriculum Strategy, Enabling Data 2.0, Integrated Assessment & Digital Credentialing Options






A little more than a month away, we could not be more excited about the 2015 Learning Impact meetings! May 4-7 in Atlanta, GA USA

2015 Leadership Opportunities in IMS Global Learning Consortium

If you want to know what your future will look like take a look at what you are thinking about today. What is IMS thinking about as we begin 2015?