Common Cartridge

What interoperability will next generation digital learning environments (NGDLEs) require?

#3 of a series in preparation for May 2016 Learning Impact Leadership Institute

Now we begin to get into some of the meatier topics when it comes to evolving from the world of today to next generation digital learning environments.

Learning Impact Leadership Institute 2015 Key Themes: Digital Curriculum Strategy, Enabling Data 2.0, Integrated Assessment & Digital Credentialing Options






A little more than a month away, we could not be more excited about the 2015 Learning Impact meetings! May 4-7 in Atlanta, GA USA

2015 Leadership Opportunities in IMS Global Learning Consortium

If you want to know what your future will look like take a look at what you are thinking about today. What is IMS thinking about as we begin 2015?

Why Does IMS Global Learning Consortium Publish an Annual Report?

Does IMS Have a Strategy?

Please excuse the long time since the last blog folks.  IMS is adding a lot of new members and staff supporting an unprecedented array of exciting initiatives – which has kept yours truly very busy the last few months.