IMS Global Learning Consortium Launches New Innovation Leadership Network for State Assessment Leaders

Participants will Collaborate and Share Strategies to Lead Advancements in State Assessment Initiatives

Actionable e-Assessments Webinar (February 2017)

Actionable e-Assessments: Strategies for Open, Interoperable Online Assessments

Event Date: Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Actionable e-Assessments: Strategies for Open, Interoperable Online Assessments (Recorded Webinar)

OAT Selected as ACT Preferred Supplier for Online Test Delivery Technologies

LMS Smackdown 2015 Preview: A very different future for the LMS in HED and K-12 is upon us

More than nine years into the IMS and I have to say that right now is the most interesting time regarding “the future of the LMS.”

2015 Leadership Opportunities in IMS Global Learning Consortium

If you want to know what your future will look like take a look at what you are thinking about today. What is IMS thinking about as we begin 2015?

Critical Milestone Met: Conformance Certification by Leading e-Assessment Product Suppliers

Why Does IMS Global Learning Consortium Publish an Annual Report?

What You Need to Know About e-Assessment

With IMS’s recent announcement of the upcoming e-assessment interoperability challenge we thought it would be a good time to discuss electronic assessment. Here is a Q&A with Rob Abel of IMS Global. Feel free to post additional questions and Rob will answer them (if he can)!

Q1: Is it time for electronic assessment in education?