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Looking Beyond the LMS: Why a Single App Won't Work

IMS Global Learning Consortium Simplifies Education Technology through Interoperability

Changing the Game to Accelerate EdTech Innovation

With the release this week of the IMS Global Annual Report 2015, I wanted to attempt to summarize some ways in which “our little engine of change” is helping to enable some potentially pretty profound stuff.

EDUCAUSE Review Article: The idea that edtech should be "plug & play" via an interoperable foundation is rapidly becoming mainstream

The Future of Education Isn't Free. It's Open

Big announcement: IMS Global getting into Badges!

Proud of the IMS Global Member Community!

Learning Impact Leadership Institute 2015 Key Themes: Digital Curriculum Strategy, Enabling Data 2.0, Integrated Assessment & Digital Credentialing Options






A little more than a month away, we could not be more excited about the 2015 Learning Impact meetings! May 4-7 in Atlanta, GA USA

How Leadership in Interoperability Tells Your Education Customer that Your Organization is Putting Their Needs First

Two weeks ago Apple announced earnings. It was the biggest quarterly profit in history: $18 billion USD.

The success of Apple continues to add to Steve Jobs legacy as a legendary entrepreneur, visionary and leader. Jobs had so many insights toward the future. One was that computers should be as easy to use as toasters. And, Apple has clearly been at the forefront of usability.

Critical Milestone Met: Conformance Certification by Leading e-Assessment Product Suppliers