Helping Institutions Get More From Their Enterprise Learning Technology


The growing emergence of digital resources promises easier access to a variety of content and the realization of personalized learning. Unfortunately, the reality is that it’s a challenge to integrate these rapidly emerging resources so that they work together in a variety of software and platforms that institutions, teachers and students use.

How can higher education bridge the gap from the reality of today to realizing the full potential of digital technology to improve access, affordability and quality of education? The missing link is an open platform based on open standards. Luckily, IMS Global, via our Connected Learning Innovation Challenge, provides such a platform that provides the following benefits:

  • Break the status quo of closed, proprietary systems that make the use of digital technology difficult to use for teaching and learning.
  • Help institutions become more productive and efficient through the adoption of proven IMS standards that will save 10-100x the cost/time to implement and support a seamless interface of educational applications, content, and data with the enterprise.
  • Enable an institution to become more agile in integrating new technologies and digital content to evolve personalized learning.
  • Enable content and data to be migrated from one platform to another platform with ease.
  • Help improve the consistency in the use of technology and digital resources by faculty to enhance the student learning experience.
  • Facilitate information sharing about innovative and sustainable uses of technology for teaching and learning