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K-12 Leadership & Collaboration

Over 70 IMS Global member districts and state departments of education (and growing)—representing more than 11 million students—are leading efforts to enable an open digital ecosystem to support student-centered learning in K-12. IMS Global members collaboratively guide, develop, and adopt a trusted, plug-and-play ecosystem of digital learning products that work seamlessly together, are less expensive to integrate, offer greater choice and flexibility to enable classroom innovation, and provide better analytics and insights to improve student success.

K-12 Institutional Leadership Board

Informs priorities and leads the adoption of IMS standards and practices to enable a plug-and-play ecosystem

K-12 Innovation Leadership Networks

Develops resources and best practices to show how IMS standards enable better learning experiences

K-12 District and State Members

Works together to revolutionize edtech for the benefit of all school districts and states

View all IMS Global members—a growing collaboration of over 540 school districts, states, higher education institutions, and leading software suppliers.

K-12 Digital Learning Revolution Program

Developed under the guidance and leadership of IMS Global K-12 members, this strategic program empowers school districts of all sizes and needs to evolve their digital ecosystem for a better return on learning from investments in educational technology. This multi-faceted program starts with the commitment to IMS certified products then as a district is ready to implement more revolutionary approaches to teaching and learning, the other parts of the program provide guidance and resources. Each part is customized to meet the needs of the district or institution.


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IMS Global's K-12 Digital Learning Revolution Program


Achieve digital on day one of learning

Advanced Insights
& Achievements

Improve insight into and reporting of student learning experiences

Instructional Impact

Access to instructional resources in the right place at the right time for the right student
while reducing administrative tasks for teachers

Learn more about the K-12 Digital Learning Revolution Program and discover how your district can achieve a plug-and-play digital ecosystem that supports your strategic and operational goals.



Resources to Help Districts Transition to a Fully Integrated Digital Ecosystem




Getting Started Playbook Icon

Getting Started

Created by IMS Global district members, the K-12 Playbook is an easy-to-use reference and resource center for K-12 administration, digital curriculum teams, and IT leaders who are working to implement the K-12 Revolution Program.


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K-12 PIVOT Project

Advocacy, resources, and demonstration projects for K-12 institutions to accelerate adoption of the Comprehensive Learner Record—a better way to capture a complete picture of student competencies, skills, projects, and experiences.


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Procurement Resources

Ensuring that your educational technology tools are IMS Certified is the best way to establish a plug-and-play ecosystem. IMS Global has developed RFP language and checklists that districts can use when procuring digital platforms, apps, and tools.


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1EdTech Ecosystem

A collaboration between school districts and suppliers that will make it radically easier for school districts to make digital resources and applications available to teachers and students and go digital on day one of learning.



IMS Global Learning Consortium has a proven set of interoperability standards that enable rapid integration of a wide variety of digital content and learning applications into a seamless, single sign-on environment. The benefits are wide-reaching, diverse and include:
  • Automatically populating rosters in teaching and learning tools
  • One-click, seamless connections for teachers and students from the most relevant and convenient access point (LMS, portal, LOR)
  • Accessing discrete learning objects and assessment items in the right place at the right time
  • Providing a means for collecting assignment scores and grades across a wide array of digital resources in a single place of record
  • Viewing product usage to better understand the return on learning of technology investments
  • Presenting achievements that are verifiable and portable to help learners differentiate their career-readiness in an increasingly competitive world

See How IMS Standards Advance Personalized Learning

Fast Track Your Digital Transformation


Go Digital Day One

With IMS OneRoster you can ensure all digital resources are instantly ready to use in the classroom on day one of learning.

Learn More about OneRoster


Future Proof Your EdTech

IMS standards are enabling institutions to fully leverage the benefits of digital technology now and in the future.

IMS Standards in K-12


Revolutionize Digital Learning

Explore how IMS Global is helping K-12 districts advance edtech and instructional practices to support more revolutionary approaches to teaching and learning.

Districts who want to improve the usability of their educational technology should consider the IMS K-12 Digital Learning Revolution Program. Each tier is customized to the needs of a district and the program continues to evolve as a district becomes more advanced in their use of open standards. IMS Global Learning Consortium provides the support and resources to ensure successful implementation at all levels of the program. The opportunity to network with other districts is also highly beneficial.

Barbara Nesbitt, Ph.D.

Barbara Nesbitt, Ph.D.

Executive Director of Technology, School District of Pickens County

The K-12 Digital Learning Revolution Program allows districts to clearly articulate the goals of their digital ecosystem. The K-12 program clearly outlines the value proposition to vendors to have all of their products IMS certified for a wider customer market. The K-12 program provides a path for school districts to incorporate the goals of an interoperable, personalized, digital ecosystem into short-term action plans and long-term strategic planning.

Aaron Turpin

Aaron Turpin

Chief Technology Officer, Hall County Schools

IMS Global has been a great partner and resource as we engage with providers and innovate in our practice. The K-12 leadership community, RFP templates, IMS certification, and the K-12 Digital Learning Revolution program have all been extremely helpful. Providing a seamless digital ecosystem for our learners and leaders is challenging but we feel that our partnership with IMS Global will help us to achieve these goals.  
Jim Farmer

Jim Farmer

Chief Technology Officer, Fayette County Schools

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