IMS Comprehensive Learner Record

Comprehensive Learner Record

Learning happens at every stage of the journey.


A customizable personal digital record for all learning experiences.

A Comprehensive Learner Record (CLR) shows a complete picture of lifelong learning, from the earliest stages of learning to advanced education to career achievements.

The IMS CLR standard allows organizations to manage and showcase learner records like courses, competencies, skills, internships, and Open Badges in a verifiable and machine-readable format.


Educators and employers succeed when they see the whole learner.

Be in step with the times. Educators at all levels and employers of all types know that CLR helps lifelong learners succeed today and prepare for the world ahead.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for All

Recognize individuals based on their skills, experiences, and what they know and can do.

Individual Growth and Empowerment

Create a culture of lifelong learning and reward a variety of achievements.

Learning Pathways and Opening Doors

Identify skills to master and embrace new opportunities when they happen.

Sharing data throughout a person’s education and career pathway gives lifelong learners a secure and validated record that K-12 and higher ed can trust and employers expect.


Photo: April Jolley, Student, University of Central Oklahoma"I’m able to quantify my leadership opportunities, global and cultural experiences, and civic engagements. Putting those skills into a record shows I'm the better candidate."

April Jolley, Student, University of Central Oklahoma



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Make all learning count, no matter where it takes place.

A web-friendly interoperable digital record, CLR is designed to be flexible enough to support a wide range of use cases to meet the needs of students, registrars, employees, and employers.

K-12 and Higher Education
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Recognizing the individual learner. 

Validate a wide range of learning experiences and showcase an individual's progress toward mastery of standards.

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Finding the needle in a haystack of talent.

Save time and resources by pinpointing the best candidates, generating an instant shortlist, and checking their backgrounds.

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A CLR captures, records, and communicates the achievements and skills gained across a person's K-12, higher education, career, and lifelong learning experiences. It's easily shared among the various stakeholders and departments along the way, providing the transparency and standardization they've come to expect in our digital world.

A Secure and Verifiable Record for All Stakeholders

CLR A Secure and Validated Record For All Stakeholders


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The CLR standard is part of the IMS digital credentials ecosystem portfolio that also includes Open Badges and Competencies and Academic Standards Exchange® (CASE®)

Photo: Mark McConahay, Associate Vice Provost and Registrar, Indiana University Bloomington"The IMS standards opened our eyes to the possibilities of providing students with both our traditional and expanded credentials in a manner that would give them agency over them and how, and to whom, they’re disclosed. In addition, we recognized the power of standards to enable the provider, the student and the recipient to use digital tools to send, receive, consume, interpret, and perhaps most importantly, to trust the credentials and the value propositions they represent."

Mark McConahay, Associate Vice Provost and Registrar, Indiana University Bloomington


Looking to accelerate the adoption of CLR?

See examples of CLR in action from the CLR Interoperability Showcase at the November 2020 IMS Quarterly Meeting. The IMS CLR standard aligns with ongoing guidance from AACRAO and NASPA and is compatible with the W3C Verifiable Credentials proposal and the Credential Engine Registry.