Ecosystem Accelerator Program

IMS Ecosystem Accelerator Program

Guarantee Your Integrations Work

The Ecosystem Accelerator Program is an integration testing, issue resolution, and cloud-based compatibility service from IMS to guarantee your edtech product integrations work. Through this program, IMS provides digital ecosystem support tools for school districts, universities, and curriculum suppliers to accelerate digital on day one, data transparency, trust, product compatibility, and the cooperative evolution of open standards that make IMS a uniquely effective organization.

OneRoster Compatibility Check

The Ecosystem Accelerator Program combines IMS Certification and the new IMS Compatibility Check service.

OneRoster Compatibility Check is Available Now

Integrate with confidence knowing that your OneRoster integrations work the first time and every time. Features of OneRoster Compatibility Check include:

For Districts

For Suppliers

For Districts and Suppliers

CHARACTERIZATION: Identification of the unique capabilities of your OneRoster data

VERIFICATION: Assurance that your data meets the requirements for integration with OneRoster certified products

COMPARISONS: Access to reports on how your institution will integrate with multiple suppliers

CHARACTERIZATION: Identification of the unique capabilities of your software

VERIFICATION: Assurance that your software meets the requirements of an IMS certification

COMPARISONS: Access to reports on how your products will integrate with an educational institution

SUPPORT: Personal and expert assistance from the dedicated IMS team


Common Cartridge Compatibility Check

Common Cartridge Compatibility Check is Available Now

Provides the user with a visualization of the metadata within the cartridge manifest—providing a full list of the Resource, Item, and Standards metadata within a searchable and easy to navigate interface. Features of Common Cartridge Compatibility Check include:

  • Ability to easily check that required curriculum standards are included within a cartridge and correctly align with the resources you provide. 
  • Verify that the metadata is supplied before providing to your customers. See what metadata your cartridge contains at every level.



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