Higher Education Playbook

Higher Education Playbook

The Higher Education Playbook helps institutional leaders shorten the learning curve on adopting open standards. Academic and IT leaders, curriculum and education technologists, IT specialists, and development teams can use this easy-to-use reference and resource center to build a seamless and future-ready plug-and-play edtech ecosystem. 1EdTech members participating in the HED Innovation Leadership Networks create and evolve these resources to benefit the community at large.

New Resources Spotlight

Digital Badging Considerations: This checklist serves as a guide for the types of decisions your institution will need to make your digital badging or microcredential program a success. 

Adaptive Instructional System Best Practices: This document—authored by members of the 1EdTech Adaptive Task Force—addresses some of the challenges presented by Adaptive Instructional Systems.

LTI/Caliper Developer Commons: Join the new developer peer community for members doing in-house development of apps leveraging the LTI and Caliper standards.

CLR Roundtables: Recordings from the monthly Learn & Lead open forum where institutional leaders and 1EdTech staff lead discussions on topics of interest to those seeking to implement and utilize Comprehensive Learner Records on their campus.

CLR Resources for HED: A collection of resources needed to help you get started and grow your CLR initiative.


LTI & Caliper Developer Commons: A new community group led by 1EdTech technical staff has been formed to support institutional developers who are creating in-house learning tools/apps.

Innovation Leadership Network Update: Now that the work of the Adaptive Learning ILN has transferred to the task force, we're relaunching the ILN to focus on Digital Teaching Strategies and Curriculum Innovation. This ILN will discuss pressing issues, share ideas, and build successful community-focused solutions to help support innovative digital teaching strategies within higher education. Contact Kelly Hoyland at if you are interested in participating.


Digital Transformation Using 1EdTech Standards

HED Playbook resources are organized for easy access to the support and resources you need to ensure success at any stage in your institution's digital transformation.

Build a
Build equity with a trusted, seamless plug-and-play digital ecosystem.
Increase equity with personalized learning and build learner agency with actionable data.
Add even more equity by recognizing learner mastery and accomplishments, tracking competencies, and providing for flexible pathways.

Getting Started

  • At a bare minimum, institutions should require 1EdTech standards certification when purchasing new or renewing educational technology products. The 1EdTech Product Directory is the official listing of products guaranteed to meet the 1EdTech standards for which they have passed testing. Using these products enables your institution to achieve the benefits associated with 1EdTech. If a 1EdTech member experiences an integration issue with a certified product, 1EdTech works with the supplier to resolve the problem. If a product is not listed, it has not passed 1EdTech certification testing or its certification has expired.

  • A Hypothetical University RFP Function Requirement Document from the University of Toronto. See the following sections: Standards and Compliance, and Application Integration.

  • University of Wisconsin Digital Learning Environment (DLE) Interoperability Addendum, including sections on LTI, privacy, and accessibility.

  • University of Wisconsin External Tool Integrated Checklist

  • Statement of Intent to Adopt 1EdTech Consortium Standards in a Timely Manner

  • 1EdTech Global Glossary of Terms: This glossary of terms provides definitions of terms commonly used throughout 1EdTech that users may wish to better understand. It is by no means an exhaustive list of definitions related to our communities, but it has been carefully crafted in the hopes that it will aid in the facilitation of shared understandings of interoperability.


Building a Foundation


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Enhancing Learning


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Recognizing Achievement


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