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Multiply the Impact of your Digital Ecosystem with 1EdTech

Edtech products working together to meet the needs of districts, teachers, and students should not be difficult-it should be the expectation. After all, it’s your ecosystem, and your edtech suppliers should play by your rules.

Most districts and states find it challenging to navigate among all the alternatives.

  • A proprietary ecosystem centered on a single supplier’s approach to integration that limits your choices and puts your digital future at risk

  • A fragile ecosystem of custom integrations using product-specific APIs that require ongoing innovation and costly upgrades

  • Claims of data standards implementations that have not been validated as plug-and-play across multiple products, meaning you are still getting custom integrations

Enter a radically different approach from 1EdTech Consortium. We help you create your digital ecosystem with assistance from the world’s largest edtech collaboration focused on plug-and-play integrations using proven, verifiable open-standards that work seamlessly across hundreds of products. 1EdTech provides the support and guidance that saves you time, money, and resources now and into the future with a trusted, secure, community-backed ecosystem designed to adjust to the needs of your district.

Now is the Time to Ignite Your Digital Transformation

As your district prepares for another school year, 1EdTech has the resources to support you in building a digital ecosystem with innovative models that work for every learner. Using the standards together provides the infrastructure to simplify IT and administrative processes, ensure instructional resources are in the hands of teachers and students on day one, and dramatically improve the student experience with rich and engaging digital resources.


View the K-12 Playbook to Get Resources for Implementing 1edtech Standards

Digital Transformation Using 1EdTech Standards

Digital Transformation Using 1EdTech Standards


1EdTech provides standards and partnership for all stages of digital transformation, from building a Foundation, through improving Learning, and promoting Achievement. At each stage, 1EdTech standards are flexible and designed to assist you in building a digital ecosystem that meets the needs of your district, now and into the future.

Build a Foundation

Build a Foundation

  • Standards First is an edtech community call-to-action to ensure we achieve open standards integrations to enable product choice, improved cost, enhanced data, and student privacy.

  • OneRoster-automate rostering and assigning access for digital platforms, tools, and apps

  • LTI Core-secure integration with learning platforms, tools, and apps

  • Common Cartridge-easily add packages of digital content to your learning platform or learning object repository (LOR)

  • TrustEd Apps-select digital resources that have been vetted for privacy and security

Enhance Learning

Enhance Learning

Recognize Achievement

Recognize Achievement

Coming Soon!

  • OneRoster 1.2-an updated version of the standard with increased security, more flexibility for demographic data, and a new profile for bringing assessment results into your SIS


1EdTech Standards in Action

Districts across the country have already begun their digital transformations with 1EdTech standards. They are using standards that are available today, widely adopted by vendors, have a proven track record in K-12, promote higher usage of digital tools, and deliver high-quality teacher and student experiences.

Baltimore County Public Schools logoPlug-and-Play with Vetted Security and Privacy

Baltimore County Public Schools in Maryland is committed to a plug-and-play digital ecosystem with vetted security and privacy to protect sensitive student data. Learn more about how Baltimore County uses open-standards from 1EdTech to develop an ecosystem with seamless interoperability and a trusted and secure experience for students.

Forsyth County Schools logoPersonalized Algebra I

Forsyth County Schools in Georgia uses digital technology to enhance the learning experience for all students. Learn more about how open-standards from 1EdTech are used to personalize learning, bringing high-quality resources into their LMS, and adding efficiency to administrative tasks.


See More 1edtech Standards in Action

OneRoster and LTI in Action

In this short video example, Edina Public Schools shows how the 1EdTech OneRoster and LTI standards, working together, allow teachers to seamlessly exchange grades between their Learning Management System and gradebook of record inside the Student Information System.


View additional videos of 1EdTech Standards in Action 

A Committed Partnership

1EdTech is committed to partnering with your institution to power your digital transformation.

Unparalleled collaboration and support in implementing open standards; uniting to help members realize the full potential of every teacher and student.
Community Leadership
Network of K-12, higher education, state agencies, and edtech suppliers working together to achieve better learning from better learning technology.
Ongoing Support
The 1EdTech K-12 Digital Learning Revolution Program meets the needs of your organization and guides you through the development and implementation of a fully integrated digital ecosystem.
20-year track record of catalyzing key advancements in edtech, developing open standards, and certifying products, making it possible to achieve adaptive, equitable and personalized learning experiences.


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