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LTI Resource Search Enables Querying Repositories

Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI)® Resource Search is a standard that defines how to search digital repositories for a set of resources. It addresses searching learning object repositories (LORs), and other catalogs of learning resources, from learning tools using various attributes of resources and returning full metadata about the resources to the learning tools. Results can be launched either as URLs or LTI links. The benefit for an educator or student using the learning tool (such as a Learning Management System) is the seamless ability to search resource libraries for appropriate resources and transparent launching of those resources.

LTI Resource Search provides specific and definable metadata

Resource Search provides a framework for:

  • Learning tools (search consumers) to query learning repositories (search providers)
    • Learning repositories to return metadata about each learning resource
    • Specific and defined metadata included in the search results
    Using keywords to search for learning objects will provide the following information in the search results:
    • Name
    • Description
    • Link to the learning object via URL or LTI link
    • Relevancy rating
    • Metadata (these fields are defined within the standard and include but are not limited to resource type, owner of the resource, educational audience, and language)


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    Student Learning Data Model

    • The 1EdTech Student Learning Data Model visualizes a digital ecosystem interconnected with real-time data. Log in with your 1EdTech member credentials to access specification-level Mapping and Discovery in the tool.

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    • LTI Resource Search for Educators (presentation)
      This presentation provides an overview of one of 1EdTech's (formerly 1EdTech) newest standards, LTI Resource Search. In this presentation, learn the basic features of the standard and how it can benefit institutions.
    • Search-Organize-Deliver with LTI Resource Search (video demonstration)
      In this brief 14-minute presentation and demo from a 2018 conference, Vikash Jaiswal, chief technology officer at Knovation, Inc., demonstrates the implementation of this upcoming 1EdTech (formerly 1EdTech) standard between Knovation and other early adopters, SAFARI Montage, SchoolCity, and ACT's OpenEd Repository. 
    • Finding and Delivering the Right Resource (video demonstration)
      In this brief 6-minute presentation and demo from a 2018 conference, Dr. Pepper Williams, Director of Product Strategy, at SchoolCity, Inc. demonstrates the implementation of LTI Resource Search in SchoolCity's Personalized Review Assignment tool including integration with Knovation, Inc. and ACT's OpenEd Repository.
    • Resource Search Checklist and RFP Language
      This guide provides specific language for requesting products, which are 1EdTech's conformance certified in one of 1EdTech's newest standards, LTI Resource Search.

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