Most educational applications are designed and managed by vendors who attempt to protect the identity of the individuals accessing the program and the data that they generate. However, a comprehensive review of student privacy, data security, and other safety issues is the responsibility of the school or district to ensure that appropriate safeguards of student data are in place. Vetting educational applications can provide additional assurance that the information gathered by these educational applications is being used responsibly.

The 1EdTech process for vetting applications and certifying them for the Data Privacy standard uses a rubric that was collaboratively developed by the 1EdTech community. Vetted products that earn the TrustEd Apps Data Privacy seal are listed in the 1EdTech Product Directory. 

Click here to view all current supplier recipients of the TrustEd Apps Data Privacy seal.

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For more information, contact and visit the TrustEd Apps Data Privacy FAQs page for answers to your questions about TrustEd Apps.


We need to bring on vendors very quickly and make sure they work within our current digital ecosystem. 1EdTech TrustEd Apps will help us cut through the backlog of having to vet and approve all of the apps coming in so we can get tools into the hands of our students and teachers quicker while also ensuring their safety.

Jeff McCoy

Jeff McCoy

Associate Superintendent for Academics, Greenville County Schools

The 1EdTech TrustEd Apps program is a huge win for district leaders to assist teachers in making informed educational application choices for students. 1EdTech's work to provide insight and transparency into vendor privacy policies and student data security practices is one of the many reasons we are dedicated to being Contributing Members of the consortium.

Kate Crawford

Kate Crawford

Director, Digital Learning & Media Services, Fayette County Public Schools

The 1EdTech TrustEd Apps program is a really important tool to demonstrate our commitment as a supplier to privacy. 1EdTech helped us understand what we needed to do to meet our community's privacy requirements and needs. We now use the 1EdTech data privacy rubric as part of our internal privacy auditing program.

Daisy Bennett

Daisy Bennett

Privacy Officer, Instructure