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CASE Network

Sponsorship Program

CASE Network is a breakthrough for the U.S. K-12 education sector. The project addresses the need for making alignment of digital resources and educational technology products dramatically easier for states and school districts by providing a free, ongoing service for digital publishing, consumption, and verification using the IMS Competencies and Academic Standards Exchange® (CASE®) standard. The project also opens up opportunities for innovation in establishing critically related products such as improved learning frameworks, crosswalks, and alignment services. The CASE Network is provided as a non-profit service enabled by the trusted foundation for educational technology, the world’s largest public-private partnership of educational institutions, states, and suppliers.
Sponsors of the CASE Network will help shape and sustain the costs associated with this ongoing service. Three years of benefits for the $30,000 sponsorship includes:
  • Official CASE Network Platform Certification: Sponsors will be afforded the opportunity to achieve official certification as a product that is tested to create, supply, verify and interchange through the CASE Network.

  • Enhanced Technical Assistance: Access to CASE Network beta features in advance of public availability, priority technical support, and support in the development of critical end-user use cases.

  • Publisher Distribution Benefits: Exclusive privilege to publish and distribute Supplier frameworks, alignments, and other CASE certified content through CASE Network.

  • Premium Services: Participation in the program development and offering of CASE Network Premium Services, which are intended to be for-fee, value-added services that leverage CASE Network content, such as resource alignment.

  • Support for Districts and States: IMS will extend a complimentary IMS Contributing Membership to one State Department of Education or School District for a period of three years—a $15,000 value—on behalf of a Sponsor. This only applies to new IMS state or district member organizations.

  • Advisory Board Leadership: One leadership board position on the executive CASE Network Advisory Board that guides and inform all aspects, including governance, of the CASE Network.

  • Leadership Recognition: Prominent recognition on the CASE Registry Network website(s) and in press releases related to CASE Network.

Please note that sponsorship is governed by a signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that details the rights, responsibilities, and benefits of sponsorship. To become a CASE Network sponsor, we require an active IMS Global Learning Consortium Contributing Membership
For more information on CASE Network sponsorship, please contact Bruce Umpstead at

CASE Network Sponsors

CASE Network is generously supported by the following IMS Contributing Members.

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Sponsors can issue official documents through the CASE Network and are represented on the CASE Network Advisory Board.