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IMS certified products implement the open architecture that provides the foundation for education innovation to the requirements set by the IMS community.

This is the official listing of products that have passed IMS Global interoperability. Using these products will enable your institution to achieve the benefits associated with IMS. Products that are listed in this directory are guaranteed to meet the IMS standards for which they have passed testing. If you have experienced an integration issue with a product listed here IMS will work with the supplier to resolve the problem. If a product is NOT listed here it has either not passed IMS testing or its certification has expired. Require IMS certification in your EdTech procurements!

Why should you get Certified?  -  Why should you buy and ask for Certified Products?

Want to get your product certified and listed in this directory? Join the IMS developer network! IMS provides the standards, code libraries, APIs, reference implementations and the testing harnesses you need. To join decide which membership level best meets your needs and follow the directions on the membership page

IMS Global stands behind IMS Certified Products!   Questions about IMS certified products or getting certified? Please contact us.

Read Primers for Guidance on Conformance for End-User and Buyers of Educational Content and Learning Platforms: