Compatibility Check

Compatibility Check

What is Compatibility Check?

  • An independent and reliable integration testing, product discovery, and issue resolution service that provides the tools and support needed to ensure smoother implementations
  • A multi-layered approach that includes easy to use tools that improve data transparency and help districts ensure the quality and consistency of the data they exchange with suppliers
  • A validation tool that provides participants with a high degree of confidence that their data is fit for purpose and fully compatible with the IMS certified products they want to use
  • Compatibility Check is part of the Standards First program

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What are the components of Compatibility Check?

Compatibility Check identifies integration requirements between an institution and its certified products and displays the results in a user-friendly dashboard to show technical gaps and steps needed to ensure compatibility.


OneRoster Compatibility Check

OneRoster Check

Securely and reliably exchange roster information, course materials, and grades between systems.

Common Cartridge Compatibility Check

Common Cartridge Check

Visualize metadata within the cartridge manifest—including alignment to official state standards published in the CASE Network.

Trusted Apps Seal

TrustEd Apps Dashboard

Vet products and certify them for student privacy, data security, and other safety issues.



Compatability Check Functionality:  

OneRoster Check


Compatibility Check to compare your OneRoster CSV or REST files against certified products and determine your readiness for integration.

This is a two-stage process:

Characterization produces a unique fingerprint of your OneRoster information. It outlines the characteristics of your data and alerts you to those areas that require adjustment to comply with the OneRoster specification. It also identifies potential problem areas that you should pay additional attention to when you integrate with products.

Comparison reports on how well your OneRoster information aligns with a product's requirements. With this report, you can identify the items that require adjustment and areas that may require additional testing to ensure a smooth integration in advance of your implementation.


Compatibility Check allows you to model your product and make it available for comparison in Compatibility Check.

During Modeling, you specify implementation details that vary from the specification, such as:

  • Data you require that is optional in the specification

  • Metadata your product needs to function properly

  • Notes that would assist a district in providing the data in the format you require

The final step in the modeling process is Characterization, which produces the fingerprint of your product’s requirements, built from your model. It highlights those areas that may require review by districts to support a clean implementation.

Common Cartridge Check: 

Common Cartridge Check allows you to discover more information about your cartridges. With easy-to-read visualizations of the manifest metadata, you can quickly check that your cartridges are conformant with the specification and contain the information, resources, and curriculum standards you expect before loading them into your LMS or LOR. 

To run a check, you will need:

  • The cartridge zip file, which should have an ".imscc" extension. These can be uploaded or accessed remotely. Common Cartridge Check does not retain your cartridge once the report has been generated.

  • The specification version number for your Common Cartridge file. The version is needed to ensure the cartridge conforms to the specification's requirements. 

Once the cartridge is uploaded, a report is provided that will show

  • The Items, Standards, and Resources included in the cartridge
  • Metadata included in the manifest file for those Items, Standards, and Resources
  • Verification of CASE GUIDS

TrustEd Apps:  

The TrustEd Apps Dashboard feature in Compatibility Check lets you create and manage a list of applications and products that users can access at your organization via an LTI 1.3 launch from your portal, LMS, etc.

You can use it to:

  • Make it easy for users to identify approved and preferred applications
  • Warn users of banned or forbidden applications
  • Provide your staff with easy access to technical and instructional notes related to specific products
  • Help staff identify applications that meet IMS TrustEd App Seal requirements
  • Gather application suggestions from your users

How does Compatibility Check help?

Agree to Use Open Standards icon


Provide visibility into and control over data

Community Support for Integration Issues icon


Help identify and solve data and file validation and consistency issues

Be an Advocate icon


Reduce confusion caused by extensions and data mismatches

Ongoing Validation of Products icon


Determine integration success before exchanging data

Who benefits from using Compatibility Check?

For Districts
circle icon: school

Characterization: Identifies the unique capabilities of your OneRoster data.

Verification: Assures that your data meets the requirements for integration with OneRoster certified products.

Comparisons: Access reports on how your institution will integrate with multiple suppliers.

Support: Get personal and expert assistance from the dedicated IMS team.

For Suppliers
circle icon: workplace

Characterization: Defines the unique capabilities of your software.

Verification: Assures that your data meets the requirements for integration with OneRoster certified products.

Comparisons: Access reports on how your institution will integrate with multiple suppliers.

Support: Get personal and expert assistance from the dedicated IMS team.

What is Compatibility Check Certification?

Compatibility Check Certification is a new certification that designates suppliers that IMS has verified are doing their utmost to accelerate the use of open standards in the marketplace as part of the Standards First Program. Standards First suppliers are highlighted in the IMS community. As leaders in the promotion and adoption of standards, these suppliers receive additional benefits, such as the ability to integrate the IMS Compatibility Check tools into their software using an LTI launch, providing a value-add to their customers. Learn More.

How do I get involved with Compatibility Check?

Compatibility Check is available for IMS Contributing Members and Affiliates who have OneRoster and/or Common Cartridge Certification. Compatibility Check is also open to educational institutions. Login to request access.