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Badgr is a free service that allows you to access all the tools needed to collect and award Open Badges. The Badgr backpack shows all badges awarded to you on the platform and lets you import compliant Open Badges awarded from any other issuer. It lets you store, share and organize your Open Badges into collections. Create an issuer to begin recognizing competencies with badges. Our app makes badge creation and awarding easy, and recipients are not required to create an account on the site in order to claim their badges. Sign up at

Concentric Sky also offers premium services to provide intelligence around badges. The Badgr platform is also open for other developers to build Connected Apps that access issuer and backpack resources.

Badgr for Canvas / Badgr Pro for Canvas

Badgr offers an LTI to connect to a Canvas LMS and setup typically takes less than 5 minutes. Students and instructors are not required to create Badgr accounts, only the person who performs the integration does. Badgr Pro provides analytics on badging and sharing activities occurring in coursework. Analytics can be viewed at the course level or may roll up to the sub-account level, so you can see badging activities across many courses.

Badgr Pathways

Available Soon! Badgr Pathways allows users to connect badges in a meaningful way along a learning pathway. Learning pathways can span multiple issuers, Canvas coursework, and badging activities not occurring within an LMS. Track group and individual learner progress along the pathway and award completion badges automatically. Users can track their own progress while also looking ahead for next steps.

Badgr Certificates

Available Soon! Turn your Open Badge into a verifiable printed certificate. Issuers and recipients may customize and print certificates for badges they've earned or issued.

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Open Badges 2.0
7th-12th Grade
Corporate Education
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Open Badges 2.0 Issuer, Host, Displayer

Badgr is a free and open source achievement recognition and tracking system used to issue, organize, and share Open Badges

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Sign up for a free account to the cloud-hosted solution at Source code is available on GitHub. We're in prerelease for a new version of the open source code (set for release in March 2018), email if you're interested in our early access program.
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