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A member of the Open Badges community since its inception, DigitalmeCredly has helped pioneer the Digital Credential movement, and remains an active participant in efforts to define universal standards for recognising achievement.

DigitalmeCredly believes that in a global marketplace for knowledge and skills, digital credentials will emerge as the currency of choice. DigitalmeCredly’s purpose is to help people discover opportunities on the strength of their demonstrated competencies, skills and achievements, and to empower organisations to officially acknowledge achievements and discover people on the basis of merit.

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Open Badges V2.0
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DigitalmeCredly is a leading digital credential platform that empowers organisations and individuals to recognise, communicate and track verified achievements. DigitalmeCredly seamlessly integrates with hundreds of applications that schools, employers and associations use every day. Organisations using DigitalmeCredly issue portable and secure digital credentials and open badges that recognise and delight earners, and gain actionable data and insights about how and where those credentials are being used.

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